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Christmas Cheer

Kelsey and Exel's Senior Project

Exel Stroschein

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Christmas Cheer

SPREADING CHRISTMAS CHEER! A Senior Project By: Kelsey Taylor & Exel Stroschein The Project: 1. First we decorated a tree with hand-made ornaments and auctioned it off to the community. Our project, in essence, was to spread Christmas Cheer to American Falls. Our project had 3 separate steps. 2. Secondly we purchased gifts for underprivileged children in our town. 3. Lastly, we helped with different children's programs at the Library, and held a Christmas Movie event. Why So Cheery? We decided to attempt this Senior Project because both of us LOVE Christmas. However, many families struggle during that time of year. We simply wanted to "Pay it Forward". Our Goal. "Paying it Forward". If we could help out a few families during Christmas, maybe they would be able to help someone in the future. Did You Know? In 2011, the US Census Bureau conducted a study that ended in shocking results. 46.2 million American's were living in poverty. However, the more shocking statistics hit closer to home. According to a 2010 study, 20% of families in Power County were living under the Poverty Line. 30% of children, ages 0-17, were under the Poverty Line as well. This was heartbreaking to both of us. No one should have to grow up worrying about money. There are two ways of measuring poverty: Poverty Threshold: used for finding statistics, and to determine the status of poverty. Poverty Guidelines: Issued by the Department of Health and Human Resources, it determines if someone is able to apply for different federal benefits.
THE STEPS The First Steps... Planning our project. Discussion with Mrs. Wight. Set it into motion. Finding Our Mentor. When deciding who our mentor should be, we almost INSTANTLY turned to Susan Love. We had a background with her, and she had many ties to the town. We honestly couldn't ask for a better mentor. Meetings This Project wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for our Local Library. We met with them numerous times throughout this process This taught us a few things about Public Relations that we didn't necessarily think about when first planning our project OH! CHRISTMAS TREE! What's a tree without ornaments? Salt Ornaments Glitter Ornaments Hot Glue Ornaments Clear Ornaments Pin Ornaments Other ornaments The Tree Issue The Auction The Set Up Pricing Raffle! As time went by we realized an auction wasn't as easy as we thought. 1 ticket: $5.00
5 tickets: $20.00 After selling roughly 100 tickets in just under 2 weeks, we held our raffle. THE WINNER! Launa Snow Children's Workshops The First Workshop The first workshop was all about
reading to the kids. We had about
12 children come to the program.
We also made bird feeders and learned
about birds. The second workshop was revolved around
Christmas decorations. There were about 25 kids who showed up. We made six different ornaments for them to take home to their families. The Second Workshop Movie Event We planned to show Disney Pixar's "Brave" as an after Christmas activity. We sent out fliers, put in a newspaper article, and made a sign outside of the library for advertisement. However, we only had a total of 8 people show up. The Results! In the end we think our Senior Project was a success. We accomplished a lot, while also challenging ourselves. With our tree we spent a little under 60 dollars for everything. However, the money we raised was above our expectations. We ended up raising over $400 in profit. We were able to buy for three families instead of one. The children's workshops ended up being exactly how we pictured it and we truly believe the kids liked the crafts and bird feeders. The movie was our one true downfall. We were disappointed in our turn out. The Time Spent Ornaments: 12 hours
Tree: 7 hours
Workshops: 5 hours
Movie: 8 hours
Families: 8 hours
Set Up: 10 hours
Odds & Ends: 5 hours Our Problems Dealing with people. The Movie Event Dealing with ourselves. Dealing with each other What Others Said... "They were really fun to work with and I actually really liked their project. When I helped them they were really good with the kids and I loved their tree so much! My mom was pissed she didn't win it! SHE BOUGHT $40 WORTH OF TICKETS!" - Justine Correia Classroom to Charity Our project utilized many skills we learned through out our high school career. Public Relations Organization Communication Art Community Service What We Learned Through It All Through this whole project we learned more about ourselves than anything else.

We also learned how hard Senior Project truly is. We thought we would breeze right through it, and we didn't.

Lastly, we learned that "Paying it Forward" really can work and we hope that's one thing everyone can take away from our project. Thank You! Susan Love & Family
American Falls Public Library
Launa Snow & Family
Justine Correia
McKenzie Garner
Olivia Sonnen
Tristan Bentzinger
Our Parents

and of course
Mrs. Wight In Conclusion... We hope our Senior Project affected the people who were involved just as much as it affected us. "Paying it Forward" really did change our lives. It's Time For
Some Questions! TIME FOR GIFTS! We were able so spend over $400 on our family, however it was nearly impossible to spend that much so we ended up buying for 3 Families instead! "It was GREAT! I LOVED IT! Because I won."
- Launa Snow Works Cited http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/poverty/ http://poverty.us/Idaho-Poverty.html http://www.ers.usda.gov/data-products/county-level-data-sets/poverty.aspx http://www.povertyusa.org/ http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/poverty-in-america-a-special-report
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