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Science Jeopardy Momentum and Impulse

No description

Matthew Cain

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Science Jeopardy Momentum and Impulse

Momentum and Impulse Science Jeopardy In order to catch a ball, a baseball player moves his or her hand backward in the direction of the ball's motion. Doing this reduces the force of impact on the player's hand principally because A 1.0 kg chunk of putty moving at 1.0 m/s collides and sticks to a 5 kg bowling ball that is initially at rest. The magnitude of the momentum of the ball and putty after collision is Momentum is.... A rifle recoils while firing a bullet. The speed of the rifle's recoil is small because the A bug collides with the windshield of a car traveling down the highway. Which experiences the greater change in momentum? Why is a sudden stop worse than a slow stop? What is inertia? A. increases the impact time.
B. decreases the impulse on the glove.
C. decreases the change in momentum of the ball.
D. all of the above
E. none of the above A. 0.0 kgm/s.
B. 1.0 kgm/s.
C. less than 1 kgm/s.
D. 5.0 kgm/s.
E. more than 5.0 kgm/s. A. F = ΔP/Δt
B. Always Conserved
C. P = m x v
D. A & C
E. B & C A. force against the rifle is small compared to the
force on the bullet.
B. speed is mainly concentrated in the bullet.
C. rifle has lots of mass.
D. momentum of the rifle is unchanged.
E. none of these A. it depends on the initial velocity of the bug
B. the car
C. the bug
D. both experience the same changeE. none of the above A. Sudden stops have bigger impulse
B. Sudden stops have less time for momentum change
C. Force pairs are not equal
D. Because you have more inertia A. Resistance to a change motion
B. Force on an object to move
C. What keeps you moving when a car
stops suddenly
D. A & C
E. A & B The answer is B The answer is B The answer is E The answer is D The answer is D The answer is B The answer is A The answer is C Force is the result of a change in momentum over a change in... A. Velocity
B. Mass
C. Time
D. Distance The answer is C The answer is B The answer is A The answer is B Impulse is a change in.... A. Speed
B. Momentum
C. Time
D. Mass
E. None of the Above What concept does this equation express?
Pi = Pf A. Conservation of Momentum
B. Impulse
C. Impulse-Force Relationship
D. Conservation of Mass
E. A & D The Δ symbol means..... A. Triangle
B. Impulse
C. Force
D. Change
E. None of the Above What was the Hans device for? A. Keeping NASCAR vehicle pieces from flying away
B. Keeping forces on NASCAR drivers' neck low
C. Allowing for a "crunch zone" in barriers
D. Nothing, they were useless and phased out The answer is C The answer is A The answer is E Two objects, A & B, have identical velocities. Object A has 3 times the mass of object B. Object A has A. 2 times the momentum
B. 1/3 the momentum
C. 3 times the momentum
D. the same momentum as B Two objects, A & B, have have identical masses and speeds. They run into one another and bounce off each other without damage. Their velocities will be A. Equal in opposite directions
B. Zero
C. Equal and in the same direction
D. Not enough information is given for an answer Which has the largest momentum? An object with... A. a speed of 1 m/s and a mass of 2 kg
B. a speed of 2 m/s and a mass of 1 kg
C. a mass of 0.5 kg and a speed of 4 m/s
D. a mass of 0.67 kg and a speed of 3 m/s
E. None of the above
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