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No description

Melina Pettersson

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Punk

Influence Around 1977 - after 1978 Philosophical, political, and artistic movements - Modern art
- Various writers
- Literary movements Mid - 70s
The punk subculture emerge - The United States, The United Kingdom and Australia America - hardcore punk Britain - street punk New styles The death of Ian Curtis The end of punk music Derivative forms:
New wave,
Gothic rock,
Alternative rock,
Emo. Subgenres:
Anarcho punk
Christian punk
Crust punk
Garage punk
Glam punk
Hardcore punk
Horror punk
Nazi punk
Noise rock
Riot Grrrl
Skate punk
Street punk
Queercore "Punk is not an image it is a belief and a lifestyle as well as a type of music." Punks What does the myth say about Punks? 1 2 Be yourself! 3 4 The name Some different punk bands: The Sex Pistols The Clash The Misfits Billy Talent The Ramones Rise Against 5 7 6 Anarchism Direct actions: protests, vandalism, destruction of property. Nihilism - life has no meaning. Straight edge - no alcohol, tobacco or drugs of any sort. Fighting for animal rights Punk rock fusion genres
2 Tone
Celtic punk
Chicano punk
Folk punk
Gypsy punk
Pop punk
Punk blues
Punk metal
Ska punk Anarcho Punk Emo Pop punk THE OFFSPRING GREEN DAY BLINK-182 rIOT gRRRL queercore BIKINI KILL 90's THE RUNAWAYS 70's RITES OF SPRING emo today SEX PISTOLS "ANARCHY IN THE U.K." CRASS 70'S 80's late
70's early
80's Lindona Facing problems from society because of the discontent
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