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Who am I?

No description

Emily Vazquez

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of Who am I?

I am from central Illinois among the cornfields,
Born and raised in Normal and---
Yes, it is real.
Yes, it is normal.
And no, the “clever” jokes never end.

I love sailing and knitting and reading and sleeping,
I am young at heart but old in soul,
21 years young and in bed by 10.
Some call me lame but they just don’t understand.

I am quite small in this massive world,
But I hope to make a big difference for some.
Longing to teach,
Longing to learn,
Hoping to change troubled lives with my words.

I am sarcastic and witty and thoughtful and kind.
I am complex and can’t be explained in a three minute poem.
I am happy and sad and everything in between.
I am emotional and sometimes obscene.
I am average and boring and awesome and interesting,
I am whatever you want me to be.
I am human, I am me.

From Normal I’ve traveled to far out places.
I’ve been north and south,
A little west and a little bit east,
But I’ve only scratched the surface of what there is to see.

I value education and friendships but family most of all,
There is nothing that could change us,
Not hurtful words,
Not moving far,
Not even unexpected cancer could break us apart.

I am a mutt. A half mixed up European, half Mexican/Puerto Rican mutt.
I check the 'other' box and have yet to find my niche.
Not quite white enough,
Not quite brown enough,
Always in between.

Who am I?

I am a daughter of the kindest woman and the silliest man.
A granddaughter, an aunt, a fiancée, and friend.
I am a sister to four crazy kids, coming in fourth,
Fab five for the win!
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