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Copy of FCCLA: Career Investigation

No description

Kaitlyn Cox

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of FCCLA: Career Investigation

Kaitlyn Cox The first step in any career investigation is the self assessment. Chapter name? Carter High School, Knoxville, TN FCCLA National region Career Investigation Occupational Therapy What is an Occupational therapist? Occupational therapist help patients with disabilities though therapy and/or the use of tools
"Occupational therapist instruct patients on techniques and equipment that can make daily living and working easier." What are some of their duties and responsibilities? Observe the patients and evaluate their medical history.
Set up a treatment plan and reachable goals for the patients.
diminstrate how to conduct an exercise.
Record progress But that is not all... Many of the tasks they have preform have to do with what type of patients they have. For example, patients with any permanent disabilities often need help preforming daily tasks. But if they are working with children, they may need to modify classroom equipment and help them participate in activities. How does an Occupational therapist become qualified? To become qualified, they must have at least a masters degree in occupational therapy and also a state license
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