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Crystal Kim

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Seminar Crystal Kim
Period 5 Thesis:
In the nineteenth century, there was an increasing rate of anti-semitism. Although the factors of the rise of anti-semitism vary, the revival was due to imperialism. The process of emancipation presented Jews with challenges and opportunities. Hence, Jews were berated
and oppressed by society. Several factors led
to the rise of anti-semitism in nineteenth
century Europe. Conclusion:
Due to imperialism, many Jews suffered detrimental consequences. As a result, several Jewish individuals turned toward self emancipation and the vision of a Zion in Palestine. About 2.75 million Jews emigrated to western Europe and the United States between 1881 and 1914. Reappearance of anti-semitism
-began in central Europe
-stock market crash of 1873
-periodic anti-Jewish riots
-modern development Jewish achievements:
-threat to the German people
-popular among conservatives,
extremist nationalist, and those
who felt threatened by Jewish
competition Modern political parties:
-attack and degrade Jews
-Karl Lueger and his "Christian socialist"
2008 – Analyze the major
factors responsible for the
rise of anti-Semitism in
nineteenth-century Europe. Anti-semitism
-most oppressive in eastern Europe before 1914
-Russian Jews were denounced as foreign exploiter
-peasants destroyed Jewish property
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