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UNCW's First Year Spring Admit Program

This presentation will tell you all about UNCW's First Year Spring Admit program, and the opportunities available as an FYSA student!

UNC Wilmington

on 12 July 2017

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Transcript of UNCW's First Year Spring Admit Program

What are my housing options?
Contracts for spring on-campus housing will open mid-September. These contracts, and the required $105 non-refundable deposit, will be accepted until October. Placements are made on a space-available basis in first-year residential areas; students may not pull in roommates or request specific buildings. A waitlist is kept for those who are not initially placed.

Spring admits at UNCW are not required to live on campus, and are free to explore local, off-campus housing options. PERCH services at UNCW has resources available for students who would like to explore those options: http://uncw.edu/PERCH/

What Will I Do in the Fall?
FYSA students have lots of options for the fall semester. While there is nothing required of you during the fall to remain eligible for this program, we do have a few suggestions you might be interested in...

Take classes at a community college near home or close to UNCW
Complete an internship in a field you are interested in studying (not for academic credit)
Work to save money for your education
Study Abroad in Ireland through our UNCW@Maynooth program (additional details later in this presentation)
Frequently Asked Questions
Why was I admitted for the spring?
Orientation and Programming
FYSA Students will have their own Orientation program when they arrive at UNCW in January. The program will help acclimate you to the campus, and is where you will finalize your class registration.
Advising and Enrollment
To hold your spring position at UNCW you will still be required to pay your $100 enrollment deposit by
May 1st

UNCW University College Academic Advisors will then communicate with FYSA students about their fall plans based on information they provide on their "FYSA Information Sheet." (www.uncw.edu/uc/FYSA). You should fill out this form as soon as you have deposited and know what you might like to do during the fall.

If you plan to take any classes during the fall semester, Academic Advisors are helpful resources to determine how the credits will transfer to UNCW. If you indicate that you are interested in taking classes during the fall semester on your FYSA Info Sheet, our advisors will be sure to reach out and work with you to select appropriate courses that will transfer to UNCW smoothly.

Each student will also be required to work with an Academic Advisor to finalize their class registration for spring. This will occur at orientation.
FYSA student quotes
“ Interning at the White House was an unbelievable
way to spend my first semester. I hope to continue
work in public service because I now realize the
importance of giving back to the community.”
First Year Spring Admit Program
We will host a meet and greet for all admitted FYSA students at our "Seahawk Preview Day" admitted students visit day, and another during Orientation for enrolled FYSA students to get to know each other.
Connect with former and recently admitted FYSA students on our FYSA Facebook group. You will be sent an invitation for the group after you have been admitted as an FYSA.
FYSA Socials
Social Media
“ I was presented with the wonderful opportunity to
study abroad! I’ve had the privilege of traveling to several different countries all throughout Europe, and experience so many different cultures through this opportunity from UNC Wilmington.”
“ Based on the advising I received from University
College, I was able to earn a full semester of credits
over the fall at a college near my home. The FYSA
Facebook group was beneficial because we all were
eager to meet each other. It gave us an opportunity to
contribute to common questions everyone had
and receive pertinent information. It simply gave us
time to get to know one another little by little.”
Bishop R., Undecided Major
Julia T. Undecided Major
Chris H., Criminology Major
Each year UNCW has become increasingly selective and we are unable to bring in all of the talented students we want to in the fall. During application reading, we identify students who might not fit UNCW's academic profile precisely, but who possess the leadership skills and academic preparation we are confident will make them successful at UNCW.
How many students will come in the spring?
While it is difficult to predict exactly how many students will take advantage of this opportunity to begin in the spring, we anticipate a significant group of more than 150 students. For the Spring of 2017, UNCW had a group of 233 FYSA students enrolled.
Will I have the same freshman experience in the Spring Semester?
Though FYSA students will not be on campus at UNCW until the spring, they will have many of the same opportunities as our fall admitted students. FYSA students will be invited to our Seahawk Preview Day open house, they will have their own orientation program in January, and will have the option of living in first year residence halls just like their fall counterparts.
Study abroad in Ireland with a group of other UNCW FYSA students at one of our most trusted international partners, the
Maynooth University (MU)
, just 30 minutes outside the capital city Dublin!
Students will live together on campus at MU, taking a full load of courses that will fulfill UNCW University Studies requirements.
A UNCW staff member will join students for their first 10-14 days, and a full time MU on-site coordinator will be available as a resource for the duration of the program.

Frequently Asked Questions about UNCW's Fall Wait List
1. Do you rank the wait list?
We do not rank the wait list. The Admission Committee will reevaluate every student who chose to remain on the waitlist for fall. Students admitted from the wait list will be students we feel will best complement our freshman class.
2. How does the wait list process work?
By April 24th, the Admission Committee will evaluate those FYSA students who wished to remain on the wait list for fall and may make offers of admission, if space becomes available.
3. How many students will be admitted from the wait list?
While we are usually able to admit some students from the fall wait list, the number is difficult to predict. We will not know how many students who were offered fall admission will choose to attend UNCW until after the enrollment deadline of May 1. The number of students admitted from the fall wait list varies each year.
4. Will additional information make a difference?
We probably have all your most recent information such as test scores and semester grades. However, if you have new information, please feel free to send it. We do not offer personal interviews, but if you would like to send a statement communicating your desire to become a student at UNCW, we will add it to your file.
5. Will admission from the wait list affect my on-campus housing options?
On-campus housing is a mandatory requirement for all incoming fall freshmen whose primary residence is outside the Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender County areas. Should you be offered fall enrollment, your updated decision will come with more information on the on-campus housing process.
6. If I am interested in UNCW @ Maynooth, can I also be considered for the fall waitlist?
Yes. All students will hear by April 24th if they will be offered fall admission. Students interested in UNCW @ Maynooth will have adequate time to commit to this program if interested.

What if I do not return the enclosed wait list response form?
If you do not return the form by May 1st, we will determine that you are not interested in being added to our wait list for fall.
How does the wait list process work?
Students selected to be moved to the fall will be notified by April 24. Unfortunately, because each admissions cycle is unique, it is impossible for us to determine the probability of acceptance from the waitlist.
Wait List Option
Do you rank the wait list?
We do not rank the wait list. Students are admitted from the wait list who will best complement our freshman class.
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