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Justus von Liebig


Benjamin Jensen

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Justus von Liebig

Inventions Babyfood On that time was newborn food only based on the mothermilk. If the mother not had milk because of diseases or other things, did the baby starve to death. Liebig produced after longer studies a "breastchildsoup" that he called it. It was a early forerunner for today's babyfood. Bakingpowder Meat extract In 1852 Liebig got a thought that you can develop a meat concentrat that would safe a lot of people from serious stomach and bowel infection when it's given in liquid form. From this product developed Liebig later his famous meatextract. Now it is used as a very used spice for soups an meat. Chloroform In 1831 was chloroform for the first time produced in a lab by Justus von Liebig and Eugène soubeiran in Paris. In the last half of the 19 century was chloroform very widespread as anesthetic by surgery, but today it is for long replaced by more safer funds. Justus von Liebig Justus von Liebig used very long time and put a big work in a create a chemical mixture, that could be used to bread baking. he completed this experiment with his american student Eben Norton Horsford. After the backing powder had been in America in almost 50 years it comes to Europe. Inventions Justus von Liebig was born the 12 Maj 1803. He was born in Darmstadt and he was a deutsch chemist. already as child Liebig found hees like for chemistry. In 1819 got Liebig with his fathers help in to the chemistry study in Bonn. In 1845 was Liebig knighted because of his merits and got the tiltel freiherr. The 15 December 1859 was Liebig appointed to president for the Bavarian Academy of Sciences. Liebig died the 18 April 1873 after a lung inflammation. About Liebig Liebig meat extract Made by Benjamin
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