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Settlement Patterns

No description

Miss Cummins

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Settlement Patterns

Nucleated (clustered)
> Grouped together
> Where roads meet
Settlement Patterns
Linear (ribboned)
> In a line
> Houses built along a road
Dispersed (scattered)
> Scattered over an area
> Farmhouses scattered through the countryside.
We are going to focus on

1. Social and Historical

2. Resources and terrain
Social and Historical Factors
Three types of settlement patterns
Nucleated (clustered)
Linear (ribboned)
Dispersed (scattered)
Viking Settlements
Dublin, Wexford, Waterford and Arklow
Travelled from Scandinavia (C18th)
Raided monasteries
Became traders
Settled at river mouths/estuaries
Monastic Settlements
Clonmacnoise and Glendalough
Remote areas
Vikings invaded - Monks ran to round tower
Education and charity
Developed into large settlements
Norman Settlement
Kilkenny, Athlone and Trim
12th Century
Conquered new lands
Built defense settlements - stone castles
Towns developed around these castles - along banks of rivers
Plantation Settlements
Portlaoise, Youghal and Donegal
16th and 17th century
English and Scottish planters
Brought - language, culture, customs and religion
Markets and defense settlements
Developed into modern towns
Land lord towns
Landlords built towns on their estates
Improve appearance
Planned settlements
Birr - Parson Family
Paired activity
15 minutes
Work with person beside you
Quietly !
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