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Corporate Presentation

No description

Hugo Marquez

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Corporate Presentation

Businesses ICSS Carriers and an innovation driver for IP-based solutions.
Serves the wholesale requirements of the DT Group with its global affiliates and more than 700 external customers worldwide.
Focuses on building business partnerships around the globe.
Offers innovative technologies on a global basis with a special emphasis on Europe.
Includes the business areas Internet & Content, Mobile World, Carrier Enterprise Services, Global Capacity and Global Voice. Key Account Management Internet & Content Mobile World Carrier Enterprise Services Global Capacity Global Voice Deutsche Telekom Customers who purchase a large range of products from ICSS’s portfolio will be allocated a Key Account Manager ICSS Portfolio Instant, high performance, dynamic. That's the kind of digital content our global userts expect. We're looking for a fast, reliable and secure solution. Internet & Content IP Transit
CDN Solution
Content eXchange (CONX)
Application Delivery Network (ADN) Products With an IP infrastructure in place around the world, our global network effortlessly distributes your content in high-quality. It does that by being able to route to the nearest, fastest access points, which make connections quicker and more stable.

No matter what the viewing platform, no matter where your end-client is located, we take the worry out of content delivery problems. In a nutshell One of the largest IP networks worldwide: high-quality, stable & fast.
Solution for optimizing non-cachable content
Support with migration to IPv6
PoPs in 20 countries, 74 in Germany
Maximum content delivery performance
Dual stack IPv4/IPv6
Optimized routing efficiency
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