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grace park

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Portugal

Portugal about 12 hours California Capital: Lisbon Area: 32,340 sq. mi (88,941 km) Population: 10,637,000 Climate: Maritime temperate; cool and rainy in north,
warmer and drier in south Currency: Euro Portugal's major religions Current government & its leaders Most Portuguese who practice a religion are Roman Catholics and there are some groups of Jews. Parliamentary Democracy is Portugal's current government. The president is Antonio Cavaco
Silva. He is 19th president of
Portuguese Republic. 84.5% of the population are Roman Catholic and 2.2% being other Christian faiths. Tagus(Tajo) River Douro River Madeira Porto Santo Language The Portuguese language has largely Latin roots, though some words are Arabic in origin. The Portuguese language was made official under the reign of King Dinis (1279-1325) Exports Delicacies in Portugal Holidays / Festivals Famous places / sites cultural customs A Noiva (which literally means "The Bride") Pauliteiros of Miranda do Douro Women dressed in black with extremely beautiful pure gold necklace and garments. They basically are men in skirts who dance at the sound of bagpipes (traditional Portuguese music) with sticks. These costumes are unique in Portuguese folklore. Spring Flower Festival ancient town of Obidos Oporto Pilgrimage Tungsten Wines Corks Bacalhau Pastel de Belem Arrozdoce Bibliography Donnelley, RR. "Portugal." The World's Book Encyclopedia, P, Willard: World Book, Inc, 2009. Michelle, David. "Portugal." World Book, People and Places M-R, Singapore : World Book, Inc, 2008. Angeline. Jay, Heale, Koh. Cultures of the World Portugal, New York : Marshall Cavendish Corp, 2007.
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