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Ronald McDonald House Charites

No description

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Ronald McDonald House Charites

"Thinking globally, acting locally to provide resources for children and their families"
The Ronald McDonald House is basically a "home away from home" for many families.
When families have to travel far from home and spend several weeks or months to get treatment for their seriously injured or sick child, they can stay at the Ronald McDonald House for little or no cost so they feel safe.
Ronald McDonald Family Room
When the families walk into the family room, they want them to forget they are even in a hospital.
The family rooms are a place to rest and regroup right at the hospital, but they are still right by their child.
Ronald McDonald Care Mobile
The care mobiles provide cost-effective, high-quality medical, dental and health education services, these vehicles literally open the door to health care for thousands of children.
Events to raise money
Bank of America Chicago Marothon
RMHC Family Golf Outing
McDonald's All American Games
Recycle with Ronald
Powerade Jam Fest
The families heal and are stronger together, which helps in the healing process.
By staying here, parents can have less stress and they have better communication with their child's medical team. Plus they can focus on their child's health.
"Our homes are filled with more than help, they're filled with hope."
Ronald Mcdonald House Charites
Effects the RMH has on families
All Ronald McDonald Care Mobile services are provided in a 40-foot long, 8-foot wide, state-of-the-art vehicle built specifically for delivering pediatric health care services. Each vehicle, which ultimately costs around $500,000 to get on the road, includes two patient examination rooms, a laboratory, and reception and medical records areas.
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