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Daniel Armand Lee's- Pieces of You

No description

Aly Kim

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Daniel Armand Lee's- Pieces of You

Daniel Armand Lee's- Pieces of You
Daniel Armand Lee
Daniel Armand Lee, born July 22, 1980, better known by his stage name Tablo, is a Korean-born Canadian rapper, record producer, songwriter and actor. Born in Seoul, South Korea, he officially debuted as the leader and rapper for the Korean hip hop group Epik High. Since their debut, Tablo has produced and co-written almost all the songs of Epik High. His work incorporates numerous musical styles, ranging from hip hop, to electronic music such as trance, trip hop, as well as rock.
According to Wikipedia: "In late 2008, Tablo published a book entitled Pieces of You. Although the stories were originally written in English, the book was first published in Korean. The Korean translation sold 50,000 copies in its first week of release and topped the bestseller's list in Korea.[18] The original English version was released in February 2009 and was also met with moderate success. The book was met with positive critical reception with Tablo's writing being praised for a first-time author."

Detail 3
Detail 4
The reason i chose to write about this rapper...
"My heart was closed. Cold. I was self-conscious and cynical.

These are the pieces of my youth, The small secrets and not-so-great expectations that defined my coming of age.

But through this craft, through my love for writing, I discovered a world outside of the small windowless one I had built for myself. A world of soft-spoken beauty.

So here I am, Choosing to kick away the ladder So that I may remain at your side.

I understand your solitude I see your shadow."
This excerpt from the prologue is a piece of Tablo's memory, recalling his youth.
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