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How to make a successful presentation ?

No description

Ahmed Fakhry

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of How to make a successful presentation ?

By / Ahmed Fakhry How to make a successful presentation ? During the presentation At the end of the presentation Presentation Dos and Don'ts Introduction to the presentation 1-Greeting audience : You should focus on making your presentation : Thank you so much for your time You should show some respect to your audience by welcoming them before starting your presentation .

For example you can say :
" Good morning / welcome every body "
" I'm so lucky to have such great audience like you "
" I'm happy to see you all here today " 2-Introducing yourself : You must be well known to your audience to make them focus with you .

For example you can say :
" my name is .............. ,and I'm in charge of ............. "
" For those of you who don't know me , I'm ............... "
"Let me start by saying a few words about my self " 3-Stating the subject and purpose : Your audience must know what will you talk about in order to be able to participate to get the most benefit from your presentation .

For example you can say :
" I'd like to talk to you today about .......... "
" The purpose of today's presentation is to .......... "
" By the end of this presentation, we need to ........... " 4-Outlining the main parts : Dividing your presentation into parts and topics make it easier and more understandable .

For example you can say :
" I've divided my presentation into four parts , first of all, I'm going to ..........
Then / Next .......... , Thirdly / And then we come to ...........
Finally / last of all ............ " 5-Timing : Taking care of time reflecting your personality ,and your audience will respect you if they feel that you don't waste their time .

For example you can say :
" I expect this will take about ........... , Plus some time at the end for questions "
" We should finish up around ............ "
" I'd like to finish by ........... " 6-Indicating when to ask questions : It depends on the presenter personality , If he get disturbed or not with interruptions .

For example you can say :
" I'd be glad to answer any question at the end of the presentation . "
" If you have any question, feel free to interrupt . " 7-Setting a material : It is an optional step ,but it helps your audience to focus with you ,and get more benefits from your presentation .

For example you can make :
" Just brief of the presentation . "
" Summery of the presentation's topics . " 8-Starting : Unless there are any question, you begin to present your presentation .

For example you can say :
" Right. let's begin "
" Let's get started , shall we ? "
" OK, it's time to get down to business "
Structured and non-boring Full of participation 1-Ask for opinion : Participation is the core of any presentation, It maximizes the benefit your audience get from your presentation, and you can enhance participation by : For example you can say :
" What do you think about that ? "
" How do you feel about that ? "
" What is your opinion about the previous point ? " 2-Commenting on opinions : For example you can say :
" That's a very good point . Would any one like to comment on that ? "
" Definitely . Does any one have any thing he would like to add ? " 3-Asking questions ,but take care not to put your audience in an embarrassing situation . 4-Play explanatory games . that increase the understandability of your audience . It's better to organize your presentation's ideas, Use an attractive formula in speaking, That make your audience not just learn, but also enjoy.
You can do this by : 1-Transition from topic to another : For example you can say :
" Let's move on to ........ "
" Now we come to ........ "
" That brings us to .......... " 2-Highlighting important points : For example you can say :
" I'd particularly like to point out .......... "
" It's specially important that ............ "
" In particular we should concentrate on .......... " 3-Using visual aids : For example you can use :
" Charts and diagrams "
" Power point "
" Videos " 4-Using body language and keep eye contact : Adjusting the way you stand, move, dress and interact you can make encounters with your audience much easier and smoother. 5-Recapping : It's having an overview or a small summary about what discussed until now to make sure that your audience are following you .

For example you can say :
" So, up to this point we've talked over / considered ............ "
" At this point I'd like to recap what we've gone over / done so far . " 1-Checking for consensus : 2-Summarizing the whole presentation : 3-Closing the presentation : You must make sure that there are no disagreements about what did you say, and every thing is clear to your audience .

For example you can say :
" Are we all agreed on that ? "
" Is every thing clear on what we've gone over ? " Summarizing helps your audience to get the whole idea in one or two sentences ,and this increase there understanding of your presentation .

For example you can say :
" Before we close, I'd like to quickly summarize the main points . "
" Shall we go over the main points before we call it a day ? "
" So, What have we accomplished today ? " At the end of your presentation you should thank your audience for there attention ,That will leave a good impression about you .

For example you can say :
" Thank you for coming . "
" Thank you very much for your attention . "
" Thank you all for listening . "
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