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Kuwait's Vision: The Year 2030

No description

Mariam Al Luhaib

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Kuwait's Vision: The Year 2030

Kuwait's Vision: The Year 2030

The objective
To enlighten and spread the vision of a long-term development plan.

Transform Kuwait's currently unsustainable economy, into a sustainable one.
What if we do nothing?
Idea 1
Idea 2
The current situation
Kuwait's economy will only survive for an estimated 72 - 100 years, as oil will deplete within the above estimated years.

The future generation fund will not suffice Kuwait's economy to live through even a decade.

Once the oil industry falls or depletes, other industries such as real estate, investment, stock exchange etc. will follow suit.

No other industry other than the oil industry exists in Kuwait. Kuwait is utterly dependent on oil.

Kuwait owns nothing to create foreign exchange, thus can no longer import.
Describe the desired state
Create the infrastructure for the industry to be. That is to be done by:

1. Privatization, and reallocation of countries wealth.
2. Elimination of monopoly (2 years before step 3)
3. Restructure of the KIA.
4. Financial freedom
5. Free zones
6. Create credible commitment
Describe the idea you think is best
Explain your expectations
Explain new strategies
Summarize your recommendation
Challenges and opportunities
Identify the problem
Explain what success will bring
Get your audience excited
Show how things would improve
How problems can be resolved
Refer back to the pros and cons
Explain how it will help
Describe the next steps
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
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