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G322 TV Drama #reigatemedia

Textual Analysis & Representation

Sarah Holloway

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of G322 TV Drama #reigatemedia

G322 TV Drama - textual analysis and representation the exam: You exam is 2 hours:
30 minutes of this is for the TV drama viewing and note taking,
1 hour 30 minutes is for answering two questions )

It is recommended that you take
45 minutes answering each question tv drama You get 30 minutes to watch
a 5 minute clip and make notes
It will be screened Four times. Remember there are
technical aspects that you need
to make notes on as well as the representation four the Police in action "The Bill" ITV mediated The Real World An interpretation of the "reality" Media is a representation of the "real world" and doesn't necessarily reflect reality!
Everything we see and hear in the media has been by someone (Producer, Director, Cameraman, Writer etc.) mediated The Street social class Frost disability gender ethnicity regional identity sexuality age The Tudors North and South Monach of the Glen Eastenders Hollyoaks http://estream.reigate.ac.uk/Asx/?mswmext=.asx&piid=103 Ashes to Ashes Today, my friend, your diary entry will read: took a prozzie hostage and was shot by three armed bastards. Gene Hunt

In Episode 1, Drake’s arrival at the station causes havoc: all the male officers believe her to be a prostitute because of her clothing: red leather mini skirt, black stockings and a fur coat. This representation is anchored by frequent low-angle shots that tilt up her body, and there is also the iconic low-angle shot of Gene Hunt framed centrally between her thighs. Clearly audiences are being invited to share in the spectacle of Drake’s body, drawing on what feminist film theorist Laura Mulvey calls the ’male gaze’. The sexism is further evidenced by the fact that the name ‘Alex’ is androgynous, therefore the squad assume that their new DI will be a man; the attitude towards female officers is confounded by DS Carling’s remark that ‘female DI’s should not be shag-worthy’. media magazine Choices character ? what they will wear gestures or mannerisms accent / voice hair style / makeup setting ? where / location colours / textures back drop props camera ? distance / size of shot angle of shot variety of shot whose point of view editing ? order of shots transitions special effects speed of cuts sound ? what the characters hear what the characters say background noises music to create emotion How do the decisions made
in production affect the viewing
experience for the audience?
-what representations of places,
do we see? Do you think that you have an impression of a place or type of person because of the representation given in the media? how would you describe the police? protecting
violent ? from one world ...to another Philip Glenister is Gene Hunt the suit 80's
snake skin
boots iconic 80's audi Quattro leather gloves
alcohol filing cabinet lamps filing tray scissors horse racing picture pot plant dart board trophies stapler telephone pens blinds black & white theme Mid shot Two shot Low--angle Close
up New Tricks fast cuts = speed seagulls car wheels squealing punches epic choral type music fast paced music dialogue diegetic non-diegetic ambient sound sound effects gun now think about some of the choices that have been
made regarding of certain characters representation Now Practise: Watch the extracts below Discuss the ways in which the extract constructs the representation of:

using the following:
camera shots, angles, movement and composition
Mise en scene age
social class
regional identity
ethnicity The exam question: How are the technical aspects further used to reinforce this representation
of sexuality / gender?
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