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The Magician's Nephew Timeline

For 1st Period English

Marius Becker

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of The Magician's Nephew Timeline

The Magician's Nephew Timeline
Polly Disappears
Uncle Andrew sends Polly into another world using his magical rings. Digory follows her into the unknown in order to bring her back.
The In-Between World
Digory and Polly end up in a forest filled with mystical ponds. They enter one in an attempt to get back home but end up in another world.
The Room of Statues
In this new world they come across a room full of frozen people dressed very eloquently. In the center of the room is a sign that reads "Strike the bell and abide the danger, or wonder till it drives you mad.
The White Witch Awakes
Digory can't resist and strikes the bell. One of the statues comes to life. She claims she is the queen of this world and says that she wants to rule theirs.
Return to Earth
Digory and Polly use the rings to return to the in-between world where the witch grows weak. But Digory stops because he pities her and soon realizes that he has taken her with them to earth.
The Kids Bring Back Everyone
After the witch goes crazy and crashes a horse carriage Digory and Polly are determined to send her back. Unfortunately they bring along a few other people and they go to a different and beautiful world.
The Creation of Narnia
A majestic lion appears and roams the new world singing. As he sings the world begins to form and come alive. But by bringing the witch they have brought evil to this innocent new world.
The Quest for the Apple
The lion sends Digory on a quest to get an apple that will be used to plant a tree to protect Narnia from the witch. The witch tells him that if he takes the apple home he can cure his ill mother with it but Digory brings it to the lion.
By Marius Becker
Digory is Rewarded
The lion plants the apple, which immediately springs into a great tree that will protect the new world. He then tells Digory to pick an apple from this tree to cure his mother.
Digory and Polly Return
Digory and Polly go back to England with instructions to bury the rings. Digory gives his mother the apple, which cures her. He then buries the apple core along with the ring. A tree grows where he buried them and years later he uses that tree to fashion a wardrobe for himself...
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