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No description

Sabrina Edwards

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Dragons

Dragons Myth Or History?
Since 1600 B.C Dragons have been in many cultures

China: In chinese history dragons are said wise amd beautiful. long scaly serpent like creatures with 4 legs. Dragons have been include in their art, culture, and sybolizes their county.

Europe: Dragon have appeared in European folklore many times, Described as evil, serpentine creatures with wings.

Medival times: Vikings had claimed to see "swimming dragons"


After many years the dragon is said to be a mythalogical creature that is commonly pictured as a large fire-breathing beasts with large leathery wings, 4 legged, musclar, with spikes running along its back and a long tail. In fairytales dragons are said to steal princesses and guard treasure


Some lizards are said to look like dragons also dinosaurs fossils could be the cause for people to claim the have a proof dragons exisit. But what can't be explained is how did so many countrys all of the world before the had contact with each other have the basic creature in their history?
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