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Iron Man 3: Bad Physics

No description

beatriz vazquez

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Iron Man 3: Bad Physics

Bad Physics: Putting on the Suit
When Tony(Iron Man) gets his suit on, it goes at a very fast speed onto his body. The impact of the heavy metal would fracture his bones but instead it just slightly bumps into him.
Tony Stark weighs 175 lb= 79.379 Kg
Iron Man suit weighs 240 lb = 108.862 Kg
Plane Rescue
This scene shows how thirteen people fall from an airplane in a short amount of time and Iron man does the impossible to save them.
Bad Physics: Plane Rescue
Free body diagram for a person who has left the plane and is still speeding up.(Ignoring air resistance)
Gravitational force is the only force acting on the person.
Iron Man catches each person and adding up to thirteen people falling at a constant speed. That is a lot of weight and iron man had to accelerate to catch up to a person.
Suit to the rescue
This scene shows when Stark's suit flies from Tennessee to Miami, Florida in a short period of time.
Bad Physics: Suit to the Rescue
Is it possible for heavy pieces of titanium alloy to travel at a very fast speed in a few seconds?
The suit was first located at Tennessee and traveled 891 miles to its destination of Miami, Florida. Originally it takes about 14 hours to reach Tennessee to Miami. Bad physics in this scene because it only took about a minute and 15 seconds. Convert 75 s to .0208 hrs.
Putting on the Suit
This scene is when Tony calls for his suit to go towards him at a high speed. A fast moving object has a high speed just like the parts of the suit that cover a big distance in a very short time.
Iron Man 3: Bad Physics
Beatriz Vazquez 4B
Average speed= Distance
891 miles
.0208 hours

= 42,836.38 mi/hr
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