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Macy McClain

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Macy McClain All About ME!!!! Basic Info Born on April 29, 1998
in Goodland Kansas My Interest Favorite T.V shows
- Vampire Diaries
- Pretty Little Liars
- Drop Dead Diva
-Switched at Birth
- Jane by Design
- Desperate Housewives
- The Secret Circle
- The Lying Game Random Stuff I have a cat named Spaz My full name is Macy Ann Marie McClain. I am 14 My Parents are Carrie Ann Rosenstangle-McClain-Shipley and Ryan James McClain and my Step Mom Krista Reichenburg/McClain I have two sisters Kylee McClain,and Jessa Shipley and one brother Benjamin McClain I have one step sister Kayla Reichenburg and one step brother Taylor Hubl Moms Side I have three Aunts Laura Allen, Stephanie Hendricks, and Lindsay Ortega My Aunt Laura has three children Megan Hamilton, Colten Allen, and Devin Allen My Aunt Lindsay has two children Arianna Ortega,and Ayden Ortega My Aunt Stephanie has three children Justin Hendricks, Merandia Hendricks, and Carly Hendricks Justin has one kid Jayden Hendricks
Merandia has three children Landon, Legend, and Iyanomi Dads Side My Grandparents are Donald McClain
and Lois McClain I have four aunts Brenda, Becky,
Amy, Beth and I have one uncle, Darin Brenda has one kid Shawn
Becky has no kids
Amy has two kids Taylor the music prodigy and Austin
Beth has four kids Porsha, Mercadies, Colten, and some other one I dont know
Darin has one kid Devin My Grandparents are Rhonda Rosenstangle, Stephen Rosenstangle Favorite Books
- The Tenth Circle
- The Lovely Bones
- Night World
- Twilight Saga
- Glass
- Identical
- Fallout
- The time travelers wife Favorite Movies
- Pearl Harbor
- Twilight Saga
- From Prada to Nada
- Footloose
- Morning Glory
- The Vow
- The Time Travelers Wife
- etc. I want to be a lawyer my favorite food is sushi My favorite songs are
- dont u worry child
- that girl
- bring me to life
- how u remind me
- far away
- heart attack
- heart a break
- i knew u were trouble
- two black cadillacs my favorite color is pink

my favorite places to visit is colorado springs and daytona beach
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