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Beisan El-Tatari

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Brazil


Climate has a big influence on pattern settlements in Brazil. Whether you like the tropical, equatorial, semi-arid, highland or sub tropical zone each one has its own beauty and use. When you want to move or settle somewhere you need to think wisely about what you prefer. If you migrate from a tropical zone to a highland zone you are in for a big difference. The difference between the two is that in the highland tropical zone you are near the ocean, therefore the weather would be chillier where as in the tropical zone the weather is much hotter and never goes below 18 degrees Celsius. Everyone has their own opinion therefore it can affect the person going through the change and the pattern settlement. If the climate is colder in certain areas, you can expect it to be a sparse area. As expected the warmer the area the more congested\dense it would be.
Facts You Should Know
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Due to the varying heights in Brazil, the climate differs in different regions. There are five different climatic zones .

The equatorial zone is usually the climate found around the rain forests due to the year-round precipitation and humidity.

The tropical zone is the climate found in the tropics. In order to be considered a tropical zone it must be 18 degrees Celsius all year round.

The semi-arid zone receives less rain then the actual amount needed for evaporation, but not to little so it become deserted

The highland tropical zone is also known as an ocean climate or a maritime climate and is found on the coastline of Brazil

The subtropical zone refers to the areas that are just on the borders of the tropical zones
Natural Resources
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Landforms affect human settlements because depending on the landforms it could cause; shifting, and climate change. If the landforms tend to shift then the movement can cause natural disasters like earthquakes, and volcanoes. The movement also causes the earths plates to shift which effects the vegetation and people living around it. This shifting is what made the earth look like today. This affects people because not to many people would want to live where disasters occur.
Natural Resources play a big part in settlement patterns because some people make a living off of a few of them. For example if you are a farmer, then you need fertile soil, without the good land and soil you wouldn't be able to make a living out of it and you would be left with nothing. For example in Brazil, people rely on these industries such as granite, gold, nickel, farming for making a livelihood. These are just a few of the natural resources Brazil has to offer. Also in Brazil the natural resources has affected the poor in a good way. The government of Brazil (Dilma Rousseff) is making sure that the natural resources that they are blessed with is and will stay the "primary aim to eradicate rural poverty."(http://www.mapsofworld.com/brazil/information/natural-resources.html)
In the end Natural resources in Brazil influences pattern settlements because of what it offers the Brazilians. If there is work and money to be made to support their family then they will stay in those areas.
When you want to move or migrate to a different place, everything at first will be a big surprise and a big difference. However WE all know that the biggest things are the climate, natural resources, land form, and vegetation. So today I will be explaining to you how these categories affect the pattern settlements in
Soil Types
Soil types play a big part in pattern settlements. In order to grow crops and keep them good then you need the right type of soil. The different types of soil consist of soil with different sizes of mineral particles. In Brazil the tropical soil includes; silicon, iron and aluminum oxides. This can help humans in a positive way, because people make a living out of it, it helps the poor, and the crops grow better. It is a fact that the type of soil does have a huge impact on settlement patterns. If crops can grow better in a certain place then that is where there will be a large population. The better the quality of soils the better the crop, which in turn is better for the Brazilians.

Where I Want To Live
Out of the many places in the world, each person has their own expectations to where they want to live. However we all know that it is hard to make everything perfect. Therefore we need to think wisely about where we want to live and why.

To be honest you can ask me where I want to live and you would right away think Brazil. I have come to a conclusion that even though Brazil is a beautiful and rich country, I think I have other reasons of not living there. Where do I want to live? Well lets explore my options......
Palestine is also a beautiful place, with it's hills, beaches and historical cities, it grabs your attention. It may be hot all year round but snow does fall from the sky over Palestine, which makes it cold (like this winter.) Obviously not like Canada, and the USA, but to the point where you need a jacket.

Also if you are a person who doesn't know what to do in life, Palestine has the answer. It opens the doors to many paths you never thought you would take. If you are afraid of prices and money, don't you worry, the prices are perfect for everyone whether you are not that wealthy or living your life everyone ends up happy. Culture also plays a big part in Palestine. People come to settle in Palestine from all over the world some places are:

I am happy and free in this wonderful country they call Canada. Yes, this is where I currently live and this is where I want to continue living. What's so interesting about Canada? Well other then it being a beautiful country, it's a great place to live. Canada is perfect for everyone, whether you are immigrating from one country to another or a Canadian citizen, Canada greets you with open arms. Due to the fact, that Canada is a free country you see people from all over the world. So if you come from a different culture you will see many people just like you. Who wear the same clothing, who celebrate the same celebration, who speak the same language, life here makes you feel welcome. It is also the world largest multicultural country in the world. Canada is also rated as one of the highest country for its economy. Why wouldn't I want to live in a place that has so much to offer.
The meaning of oxides is a binary compound of oxygen with another element or group.
Vegetation in Brazil plays a big part in pattern settlements. The variety of climates and soils reflects the different vegetation located in that area. The areas with heavy rainfall such as the Amazon Basin have rain forest composed of broad leaf evergreen trees. The rain forests may contain more then 3,000 species of flora and fauna within a 2.6-square-kilometer area. The Atlantic rain forest is said to have more vegetation then the Amazon rain forest, with many types of wild life and vegetation. This influences pattern settlements because the areas with more vegetation will have more people settling there. Also it has influenced humans in a bad way, due to the fact that people are coming and cutting down the trees so they can live there. This means we are washing away wild life's habitats and making more animals endangered.





Amazon rainforest
Atlantic rainforest
One of the well developed cities of Brazil. Over the years it became more and more dense due to the fat that it had many things to offer the Brazilian
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