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Public Speaking Today

No description

Denise Daly

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Public Speaking Today

Why should students learn to give speeches? Chapter 1 Do you feel nervous, does your heart beat faster and louder, do you get butterflies?
Many people forget public speaking and communication skills are important in most jobs. Are you one that has forgotten? LITTLE BUDDY!! sARAH DESTINY DENISE (cc) photo by twicepix on Flickr (cc) photo by tudor on Flickr Vocabulary Fun!! Adrenalin-a secretion released by the adrenal glands into the bloodstream that acts as a stimulant for the heart: usually produced in situations involving fear Communication apprehension- being fearful about participating in some form of communication Democracy-a government in which the people
are free to govern themselves, usually through elected representatives Stage fright-being fearful about participating in some form of communication, especially public speaking or stage performances One day you will have to give speeches and to listen actively while others give speeches. Since this is speech class, that shouldn't surprise you. But you might be surprised by the numbers of opportunities you'll have outside of class to give and to listen to speeches. One Two Three (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Opportunities for Public Speaking The coach who explains and demonstrates the right way to make a lay-up is giving a speech The police officer who speaks to second graders about not talker to strangers The parent who reports to the PTA on an upcoming school fundraiser is also giving a speech Opportunities at school You have been in school long enough to know that school provides many opportunities to speak in public Many students who take advantage pf speaking opportunities become school leaders and achievers because of their ability to communicate their ideas to others If you go to college you'll find out that some courses rely heavily on oral reports Opportunities on the Job Several recent studies have revealed that businesses want workers who not only know their field but can also communicate The number of speaking opportunities in business and industry shows why speech training is so important When a crew chief or a supervisor meets with a ten-person crew that is an opportunity for public speaking Regardless of the type of
job you have after leaving
school, you will communicate with others The Benefits of Public Speaking Organizational Skills Writing Skills Critical Thinking Skills Research Skills Listening Skills Self-Confidence Organizational Skills Organizational Skills are an important part of composing a speech The organizational skills so necessary in composing speeches carry over to other areas that require outlining and planning, such as organizing notes or reporting on science experiments Writing Skills Many of the principles you use to compose good speeches are the same as those you need to write well The practice you gain preparing speeches will improve your ability to express your ideas on paper You will learn how to get your audience's attention, how to organize clearly, and how to support your ideas These skills will benefit you when you write compositions in English class, essay questions on tests, and reports on the job Critical Thinking Skills Public speaking skills and related listening skills provide valuable tools for the critical analysis of ideas By studying the use of supportive materials and persuasive strategies, you'll learn how to find and argument's weak points You will learn to ask questions about the claims speakers make By learning to to think critically, you will be better able to solve job-related problems and to fulfill your duties as a citizen Often, when students are asked to prepare a report, they go to an encyclopedia and summarize the contents of an article Research Skills As a public speaking student, you will be introduced to a variety of research materials. Knowing how to conduct research will be useful to you in a wide range of school and job-related activities Speaking an listening go hand and hand Listening Skills By learning good speaking techniques, you'll prepare speeches that are easier for an audience to listen to and understand By sharpening your listening skills as you analyze your classmates' speeches, you'll better improve your listening skills Giving a speech to a group of people involves a great deal of risk Self-Confidence As you become more confident as a public speaker, you'll gain confidence in your ability to communicate in general It will become easier to speak out in class or in small groups Interviews will become easier because you have learned techniques to prepare and present information about yourself To a large extent, success in life depends on your ability to feel good about yourself Succeeding as a public speaker can give your self-confidence a tremendous boost and will carry over to other classes on the job Speakers have some real concerns-fear of failure, forgetting what to say, being rejected, or having their ideas rejected by an audience The Risks of Public speaking Communication Apprehension Causes of Communication Apprehension Controlling Your Fears CA or stage fright in being fearful about participating in some form of communication with others Communication Apprehension The degree to which people experience apprehension ranges from mild nervousness before beginning to speak to a total inability to say anything Even experienced speakers and actors get "butterflies" before a presentation If you are a musician or an athlete you have probably experienced nervousness before a concert or game You also know that once you begin performing or playing, your forget your fears and lose yourself in what you are doing Causes of Communication Apprehension Do you feel nervous and does your heart beat louder? You can understand these sensations if your remember how an animal responds to a frightening situation. The animal has two responses- flight or fight Either action requires great physical energy, and the animal's body prepares itself A substance called adrenaline is released into the bloodstream and stimulates the heart The heart rate goes up. Breathing rate increases. Perspiration increases. The animal's senses are heightened because the flight-or-fight response has changed its body chemistry to prepare it for whatever happens The same thing happens to you when you feel fear The best solution for overcoming fear of speaking is preparation Controlling Your Fears
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