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A introduction to the Hajj (40 minute lesson)

Suzanne Mahr

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of Hajj

Day 1
Tawaf - circumnavigating the Ka'ba 7 times
Jeddah - Statement of intention - "Ihram"
Drinking of water from the sacred well at Zamzam
"Sa'y" - Running between hills of Al-Safa and Al-Marwah
Make way to Mina to stay for the night in preparation for Day 2

Pilgrimage - what does this mean to you?

In your jotters complete the following sentence:

A special journey I would like to take is...
I would like to take this journey because...
Day 2
"Wuquf" - Praising Allah and praying at Al-Arafat

In the heat of the midday sun some say this may be like a taste of
Judgement Day for Muslims
In your jotters, complete this sentence:

A wish I would like to make for others/the world is...

Again, be prepared to share these with the class.
Overnight the pilgrims stay at Muzdalifah.
They also collect stones in preparation for
the following day.
Day 3 onwards
Stoning the pillars at Mina.
These pillars are called the "Jamraat".
Ibrahim and Ismail were tempted by the devil.
Stoning the pillars shows our resistant to temptation.
After the stoning of the Jamraat a lamb or sheep is sacrificed
and the meat is then given to the poor to eat.
The pilgrims then return to Mecca to repeat Tawaf.

They then return to Mina for 3 or 4 days stoning the
pillars again each day.

Before the end of the Hajj, pilgrims will return to
Mecca once more to perform a farewell Tawaf
and to ask Allah for forgiveness.
"Ihram" - white clothing worn by pilgrims.

Gives pilgrims a sense of unity and strips away
any status or wealth amongst the pilgrims.

Everyone is equal.

In pairs, use the laptops and what we have discussed so far today to create two things.

1. A poster advertising this once-in-a-life time experience of undertaking the fifth pillar of Islam, HAJJ.

2. A leaflet showing anyone who is interested in the HAJJ, what happens each day of the HAJJ and WHY these activities are completed.
Copy and complete in your jotters:

3 things I now know about the Islamic pillar of Hajj are:

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