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Verve Pitch Training

No description

Mark Cooper

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Verve Pitch Training

Presentation Training Verve! The Format Preface/Story
Marketing Strategy
How to get Started
Compensation Plan
Harvard Study
Questions/Ask for Sale Preface/Story Compensation Plan 10 different ways to get paid, here's 3 of them
Fast Start Bonus
$100 for any friend, co-worker, fellow student, who decides to get involved with the opportunity.
Frenzy Bonus
Only available with the Silver pack
Get 3 people to jump on within a weeks time, and they will pay you a $400 frenzy bonus, $100 for each of your friends, plus the frenzy bonus, so a total of $700.
Cycle Bonus
Start with the 1 million vs. compounding penny analogy
Just as the penny goes from 1,2,4,8,16, and so on, you are one person, you tell two of your friends, and those friends tell their friends, and you can start to see how big of a deal this gets to be!
Leg structure
When you get started with this, you have two teams, your right leg, and your left leg.
Leg illustration
Explain briefly how cycling works:
Your two teams work together to create a cycle, and each cycle pays betweek 20 and 25 dollars, and thats residual income, meaning you build it once, itll pay you for every month you're with the company.
Duplication Example
You get involved today, you tell two of your friends tomorrow and they get excited and jump on, the next day, those two people each tell two people, and that same process continues for 14 days, at the end of the 2 weeks, how much money do you think you will be making on a residual basis? (wait for answer) It would actually be 146,000 a month. Well 14 days isn't going to happen, but take that 14 days and stretch it out to 4.5 years, instead of a day, its 4 months, well congratulations in 4.5 years you'll be a millionaire! Product/Company The Company
Acronym that stand for vitamins, essential minerals, mangosteen, and aloe vera
Been in business for 8 years
The Product
Healthiest energy drink on the market today
Dr. Oz had it on his show 2x in the last year saying everyone should drink one every single day. Accredidation
Phoenix Suns
12 lawyers over the course of 12 months evaluated Vemma before the suns got involved.
Verve lounge, 600 person skybox reserved for brand partners like us
Charlotte Bobcats
Stadium completely wrapped in Vemma products.
Michael Jordan, the owner, endorses Vemma.
We have a deal with the NFL that states we can endorse any of their players.
Sean Merriman, former linebacker for the Buffalo Bills, works with Vemma and is making about 15k a month.
Also had apprearances on Good Morning America, MTV, 20/20, ET, Sundance Film Festival, and a Verve Nascar at the 2013 Phoenix race. Leadership Here are a couple of my friends who I'm working with in order to see the same results in my business.
Zach Babiarz
21 year old,lives in Northern IL, heard about it ASU about a year ago, and from then to now is making over $9k a month.
Alex Morton
23 years old, not the smartest guy, but he knows how to make a lot of money, started 2 years ago, and is now getting paid about $40k a month.
Brad Alkazin
26 years old, and now the second income earner in the company, got excited about 4 years ago when the Verve drink was created, and is now making $200k a month, has a $300k Rolls Royce and a $50k watch. Harvard Study Network marketing companies with less than 500,000 members is called a "cutting edge opprotunity". If you join and work at it, you have the potential to make a lot of money. Furthermore, companies with less than 100,000 members in them are called a "once in a lifetime opprotunity" if you get involved and work at it, you will never again have the chance to make this kind of money and change as many lives.
We just recently surpassed the 100,000 member mark in the world, and there are only 150k people that know about Vemma worldwide. Of those, 70% of them are just customers, meaning they buy the product on a monthly basis, they put money into the business, but don't take any out. So roughly 50k people worldwide are brand partners like me, and furthermore, theres only about 20k people our age between the ages of 15 and 25 involved, you can go to any 10 of your friends, all 10 havn't heard of it, 10 will probably want to, and probably 8 of them will get excited and want to jump on. Questions/Ask for Sale Take questions and ask what they are thinking about it.
If you have the monetary way to make it happen, you should get involved as soon as you can can because urgency is key in this business, you don't want someone else taking your spot.

Be confident and excited!! you cant get the crowd excited about vemma if you arent!
Flow and transitions are key too!
These are just guidlines that I find work for me! Find what works for you too and do it! First off, you're friend asked you here because you're tired of being average, living paycheck to paycheck, working for that boss you hate, or working for minimum wage.
When you get started with this business, it's literally you're own business, you work when you want to, with who you want to, and dont have that boss to report to.
Remind the audience that we are not here to sell or persuade them, we educate about an opprotunity that can change their life, if they want to get involved thats fine, if not, thats fine too.
Share your story, and most importantly, tell why you're involved.
Remind them that their friend likes, trusts, and respects them enough to provide them with this opprotunity.
Ask them if it is fair to get back to their friend within the next 24hrs and let them know if this is something you want to get involved with, or something thats not for you. Marketing Strategy How it works
Verve will never be available in stores and Vemma will never advertise on billboards or commercials.
Difference between conventional and word of mouth
"Whens the last time you called a phone number off of a billboard or commercial?" (Never) So why would Vemma pay a company to advertise for them when it goes unnoticed anyways?
"But when you see a good movie, hear a good song, go to a good restaurant, what do you do? You tell your friends first, because you want them to experience the same things you did."
The budgets
Red Bull
900 million dollar advertising budget, spent on billboards, commercials, race teams, just so when you go into a gas station you pick a Red Bull instead of a Monster.
50% of our budget is spent on bettering out products, facililities, paying office workers; the other 50% is our advertising budget, and 100% of that advertising budget gets paid right back to us brand partners, and when our pay plan is engineered to fit in that budget, you can see how our business is sustainable.
The Numbers
Last year, Vemma made 117 million in sales, so 58 million was paid back to us brand partners. This year, Vemma is on pace for 250 million, so about 125 will be paid out, its up to you to decide how much of that you want. And in three years when we are a billion dollar company, we will pay out 500 million. How to Get Started The only business expense you'll ever have is Verve, it goes to reason that in order to promote something, you have to have something on hand to promote.
Breaks down to $2.99 a can, so when it costs the same, tastes better, is healtier for you, and Vemma will pay you and your friends to drink it, why wouldn't you get involved?
2 ways to start:
Silver Pack-168 containers of Verve, costs $500
The best option because you are eligable for all 10 ways to get paid.
The 2-pack-48 cans of Verve, costs $160
Eligable for 8 of the 10 ways to get paid, dont get the frenzy bonus or the car bonus.
When you get your product, you don't sell it, you simply hand it out to your friends to get them intrested in the business. Things to Remember....
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