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Meal planning

No description

McKenzie Tisdale

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Meal planning

Meal Planning I. Planning Meals involves choosing a menu A. Terms to know:
1. Menu- A list of food that will be included in the meal 2. Entree- The main dish of a meal 3. Ingredients- The individual food items needed to make a recipe Cont. Planning meals B. Plan meals using the Food Guide Pyramid
C. Meals should Have a "meal appeal" by including a variety of:
1. Flavor- Combination of mild vs. Spicy
2. Color- provides visual appeal
3. Texture- crisp vs. soft
4. Shape and size- Use knife skills
5. Temperature- include at least 1 hot or cold food II. When planning meals be realistic about your resources A. Time & Energy
1. If short on time, plan simple meals that involve few preparation steps and short cooking times

B. Preparation Skill/knowledge
1. As you gain experience and confidence, you can begin to expand your skills by preparing more complicated dishes C. Money
1. Plan your meal within the family food budget

D. Supplies & Equipment
1. Be sure you have or can get the foods and equipment you need. III. Preparation Options A. Example-Pizza
1. Order from a restaurant
2. Heat up a frozen pizza
3. Use a crust mix, canned sauce, add own toppings
4. Make everything from scratch IV. Choosing Recipes- detailed instruction for preparing particular foods. A. Cookbooks
B. Newspapers/Magazines
C. Food Packaging
D. Family/Friends
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