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NG911 March Update

No description

Scott Anderson

on 14 March 2018

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Transcript of NG911 March Update

NG911 Director Update
March 15, 2018

June 1, 2017

CRTC issued mandate to modernize 911 networks throughout Canada.

June 30, 2020

All current 911 Service Providers must have the capability to support Next Gen services

June 30, 2023

All legacy 911 elements not part of the Next Gen system are to be decommissioned
Highly specialized network solution so initially only 2 viable vendors, Comtech TCS & West Safety Services
Bell announced in-house development of a hosted solution
SaskTel cannot implement a West solution independently and would want to follow suit if Bell and Telus both decide to use the same platform
Comtech TCS is exiting the market
West presented a joint-use model for Telus & SaskTel however is still cost-prohibitive
Telus and Bell are having discussions at the Executive level on adopting Bell’s solution
Waiting on direction from Telus & Bell
RFP Exemption form drafted; submission pending official announcement
On-going calls, meetings etc. with ESWG (Emergency Services Working Group) and CRTC to further refine scope, requirements, risks, etc.
Initial research in to LIS (Location Information Server) solutions if separate deployment & integration required; GIS implications noted
Ongoing conversations held with Sask911
NG911 Info Session scheduled for March 16 with Primary and Secondary PSAPs
internal discussions held on how to position Viper Managed Services, costing, and strategy with regards to Secondary PSAP inclusion
Business Case efforts will proceed once vendor/provider direction is known with Bell & Telus; too much variability and uncertainty currently exists
Internal efforts on Roles & Responsibilities and Risk/Gap Analysis
~$3.6M identified in Technology 2018/19 budget
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