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Egyptian Mythology

World mythology project

Nathaniel DeForest

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Egyptian Mythology

Egyptian Mythology The rites and practices Information Found
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Egyptian_religion#Practices Work Cited Some practices that the egyptians followed were
Embalming there kings and laying to an above ground grave A.k.A. a tomb The Gods The ruler of the gods and the sun is Ra,the lord of death is Osiris(father of Horus), Horus secondary god of the sun third pharaoh of the gods,Seth god of war and chaos (brother of Osiris, uncle of Horus), Re creator of the universe The Golden Lotus As the pharaoh Khufu sailed through the Nile he asked his steerer why she stopped rowing and she complained that she lost her golden flower from her hair and wanted only it back from the lake. The Story of Re in the beginning an orb rose in the east and set in the west it was Re the sun he had three forms the morning, noon and night (Khepera, Re and Atum) The Goddesses The goddesses consist of many such as Isis goddess of magic(Wife of Osiris, Mother of Horus)Nephthys goddess of the Nile,Nut goddess of the sky and stars. By: Nathan DeForest The Gods
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