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War and Peace project

lien vandaele

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of IRA

Emma Clepkens, Lien Vandaele and Louis Denolf The Irish Republican Army The beginning of the IRA IRA= successor to the Irish Volunteers, an organization from 1913 during the Easter Rising in 1916 1919: organization became an official republic army, recognized by the Irish parliament leader= Michael Collins founded by Dáil Éireann(=the house of Commons of the Parliament of Ireland) Michael Collins What is the IRA? collective name for all the paramilitary organizations in Ireland who want to have a state that is separate from England violence is often used problem: Northern Ireland (under British rule) Northern Ireland(British) <-> rest of Ireland(Irish) the IRA during the Irish War of Independence (1919-1921) guerrilla campaign against the United Kingdom the 6th of December 1921: a peace treaty between the British and the Irish split of the IRA IRA pro-treaty anti-treaty peace treaty of 1921 The activities of the IRA between 1930 and 1945 during the 30's: the anti-treaty IRA became active again in 1936: the organization was banned by the Irish government after WWII: the anti-treaty IRA restarted its activities for the 2nd time. Especially Northern-Ireland was affected 1968: the peace returned --> resurgence of the anti-treaty IRA. 1969: a second split in the IRA The activities of the IRA between 1960 and 1980 IRA Traditionals (REDS) Provisionals (GREENS) struggle with traditional resources conducted an urban guerrilla The urban guerrilla of the Provisionals 1972: field of action shifted to the Netherlands and to Germany conflict claimed thousands of lives some things slowly began to change The activities of the IRA between 1980 and 2000 1986: the Continuity IRA: a scission of the Provisional IRA The Continuity IRA is guilty of:
drug trafficking
tiger kidnapping
fuel tax evasion
smuggling 1993: armed battle of the Provisional IRA ended temporarily 1996: Provisional IRA committed again several attacks
for example: Bombing in Bishopsgate in London (April 24, 1993) what? A self-made bomb of the IRA exploded in the middle of London. The bomb was hidden in a dark cargo truck parked in Bishopsgate April 24, 1993: IRA attack in Bishopsgate result? the Church of Bishopsgate had collapsed
one dead
44 injured people
hundreds of shattered windows
great damage estimated at 350 million pounds measure? London introduced the ring of steel to have a better control of the vehicles who are entering London 1998: The Good Friday Agreement: democracy and nonviolence not agree with the Good Friday Agreement-->The Real IRA The Real IRA was responsible for:
several bombings
robberies in Northern Ireland The IRA at the beginning of the millennium 2001: the Provisional IRA still not had delivered their weapons 2005: in a TV broadcast: appeal to their members--> stop the armed conflict & put their weapons out of use Today, the IRA continues his attacks against Great-Britain What does the future bring? We believe that the former IRA will become a political party in Ireland and remain inactive in the armed conflict. IRA SONG THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION!!! Continuity IRA guilty of:
drug trafficking
tiger kidnapping
fuel tax evasion
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