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scenario 3

No description

Diana Rey

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of scenario 3

scenario 3 Time will tell the future Mariana & Roberto have been dating for six months, she is 19 years old and he is 20 years old. They both study at UTEP and they both work, Mariana works at Forever 21 and Roberto at Chopstick's restaurant. Mariana & Roberto at their age they still have the mentality of teenagers in a way that they do not think about the future and just wanted to be living in the present. A consequence of that Mariana discovered one day that she was pregnant, and at that moments she knew that as their relationship and their life would change completely, so the first thing she does is to tell her boyfriend Roberto. Roberto's first reaction was not very convincing since no
one imagined that this could
ever happen, and after talking
to assimilate the situation they
thought marriage was going to
be the best solution, or at least
the best option for the
situation they had. Physical Emotional That caused a lot of
problems on their relationship because they do not have
the support of their parents, and its paramount that one should take into account to star a new life. Roberto & Mariana realize their mistake and they understood that they had to think differently and also have in mind that work, school and now the baby would be three responsibilities that had to be aware off and each thing needed to have time and dedication. From their responsibilities they know that school was the priority because it represents a way to shorten and to solve their problem since graduating could mean getting better jobs and earn better income than they currently received. Circumnstancial As if everything were not enough Mariana & Roberto are facing an opportunity that also can become a danger to them. Roberto is offered a scholarship and internship to transfer to the
Gran Canyon University at Phoenix, Arizona.
This new situation that presents itself to Roberto can have major positive consequences but also would have negative consequences. Positive If he accept this scholarship will allow him to grow as a person an that will provide better opportunities in the future. Negative If Roberto accepts the scholarship Mariana would be left behind with all the responsibilities of raising the baby by herself. Roberto decides to take his father's advice and decides to decline the opportunity to go to school out of Texas. Letting a good chance go but thinking positively and hoping that in the future new opportunities will come for Mariana's and their baby's well being. To determine the problem Roberto & Mariana understand that nothing is easy in this life but not impossible since you can overcome the problem with the support of the parents and specially thinking positively and in mature form putting both their necessary effort and dedication. I our opinion, we believe it is difficult to raise a baby and even more when it is not planned, but we believe that being responsible for our actions and trusting ourselves and with the support of our parents can make and solve any problem that raise in our lives. Finally Mariana & Roberto decide to marry and do their best to live their lives in a good way and raise their baby and give him the best they can in his life. After a month they decided to tell their parents what was going on, at that moment the couple's problems start because Mariana's parents and Roberto's parents do not support them on the matter of getting married. Without their parents approval, Mariana and Roberto did not chance their minds even though they were uncertain because of what their parents had told them about getting married at such an early age. Mariana has as a first choice abortion but Roberto did not think that would be the best solution for the situation they were going through.Roberto begins to mature and realize the things that were happening, so he decides to talk with his parents about wanting to face the problem and take responsibility for the baby because he believes that abortion is a bad decision because for his point of view abortion disrupts the life of a human being.
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