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A Hero's Walk

By:Nevethaa Arasaratnam

Nevethaa Arasaratnam

on 14 June 2010

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Transcript of A Hero's Walk

gives the audience a understanding of long lasting relationships
can come together no matter what
chosen two literary devices:foreshadowing and dramatic irony
foreshadowing is constantly used; someone unceasingly tries to call their house , but everytime someone would pick up all they hear were beeps
finally he picks up and is informed that his daughter and son-in law are dead
foreshadowed because after all the phone calls and no one picking up gives the audience a sense that horrible news will be arriving
dramatic irony also protrayed;while reading it is explained to us what is happening in India at the same time with Nandana in Vancouver while she is coping with her loss

a lot of meaning and emotion towards Sripathi
"Sripathi drew his tablet of paper forward and selected a pen. He thought about his daughter and her husband, about his mom and his father, and about all that he had lost and found. How was he to put it all into words?...Dear Editor, he finally wrote.Early this morning, at the Toturpuram beach, I saw the most amazing sight...
provokes emotion throughout all the things that happened to Sripathi
his daughter dieing and his dad leaving his mom for a mistress
all he focused on was his time with his son at the beach with turtles
left past for the past ETHOS
The Hero's Walk should be considered for Canada
Reads because this book has true emotion and understanding towards feelings
it explains to the audience that don't give up on the one's you've loved
they will come back to you in some sort of way
even if you've had lost so much in life you will always be a hero

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