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No description

Laura Cody

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of bomb

Harry Gold
Franklin Roosevelt
Albert Einstein
Robert Oppenheimer
Otto Hahn
Semyon Semyonov
Knut Haukelid
Werner Hesenberg
Igor Kurchatov
The race to build the bomb that will change the outcome of World War II is on. The Americans have more knowledge and a head start on what needs to be done, but they are versing the Germans, who among them is Werner Hesenberg, the smartest physicist in the world at the time. Both the Germans and the Americans have challenges to face, the Americans with Russian spies and the Germans with American sabatoge. Who will win the race against time, and who will be willing to unleash the bomb of destruction?
Prezi by,
This book is nonfiction. It is sort of a long read but it is very gripping.
by, Steve Sheinkin
The physicists working on both ends feel an enormous

amount of pressure and have to keep on guard for spies and sabatoge. Neither sides are sure on how fast the other side is progressing which puts even more pressure on the physicists.
The first atomic
bomb to be dropped, "Little Boy"

I recommend this book to anyone who is into American history.

A long but compelling novel you'll never want to put down


A superb tale of an era and an effort that forever changed the world

-Kirkus Reviews

Sheinkin maintains the pace of a thriller without betraying history..... or skipping over science

-The Horn Book Review






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