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Pop Powerpoint(ish) ;D.

No description

austin Wyman

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Pop Powerpoint(ish) ;D.

By Austin Wyman. (It is a male massagist). What do you do? You do alot of things. You help people in their nerves and Tensioned points. Helping is the key
Would I get disturbed from massaging people?
to be a masseur, you cannot be scared of massaging people, If you cannot handle massaging someone, Then massaging is not for you. Salary You get around 40-70$ an hour :). Good Money for me :). •Equipment Needed. •A massage stool •A massage table •A towel cabinet •A furnished reception-area - with at least a few chairs and a desk •A product display if you plan to sell retail products •Massage oils •Massage creams •Massage lotions •Towels and spa garments •Candles, relaxation CDs and healing stones What kind of information do I need? You just basicly need to pass high school, Then take around 1200 hours of massageing school.
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