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Thursday, April 20th

No description

William Barber

on 19 April 2017

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Transcript of Thursday, April 20th

Thursday, April 20th
M: In your seat and retrieve your textbooks.
V: Level 0
P: Read page 14-15 & answer the following question:

Whats a constellation and how do they help organize the sky?
Mini Lesson
Constellations- Sections of the sky that contain recognizable star patterns. They helped people navigate and keep track of time.

Each season certain constellations may change. Why do we think this?
Stargazing together.
Notable Stars in each constellation.

Orion- Rigel: 7th brightest star in the sky
Betelgeuse: Red giant

Gemini- Castor & Pollox

Taurus- Aldebran-Red giant, Mars right outside constellation.

Cygnus- Deneb: Blue/White Super Giant. (Very hot if blue)
Work Period
-Work with a partner or 3 people on this project.
1. Receive a constellation.
2. Once you receive the constellation, first group silent will receive their supplies.
3. Students will use toothpicks and marshmallows to be able to make their best image of a constellation.
4. A 1 will be distributed for anyone that eats a marshmellow early or pokes another with a toothpick. Also a referral (with poking).
5. When completed label the red or blue giants in your constellation.
6. If time STILL remains you may use glow in the dark paint on your constellations.
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