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S17 FDSCI 101 1b

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 16 January 2019

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Transcript of S17 FDSCI 101 1b

Welcome back.
We've made it a week in.
Well done.
Questions or comments for us today?
Class Meeting #1b
reading assignment
Clicker questions
Exam Practice Question 1

Which is a limitation in the scientific process, as stated by Elder Scott.
A. Science can never find Absolute truth
B. You can never be completely sure of your results
C. The truth discovered could be wrong
D. All the above
E. B and C only
Exam Practice Question 2

Which question can science not answer.
A. Eating eggs daily will help your cholesterol level
B. Drinking wine is good for your heart.
C. Prescribing addictive drug as pain medication is acceptable in certain instances
D. When the creation of the earth took place
Let us dive a bit deeper into each of these areas. What is Science?
Focuses on the Natural World
Aims to explain the Natural World
What is the Natural world?
Another word often used adds a bit of understanding
Physical world
Also helpful is the idea of being testable
Question 8: So then which of these is not part of the natural world
A. Ghosts
B. Artificial colors and flavoring
C. Starvation
D. A and B
E. None of them are.
Aims to explain the Natural World
When research and study are looking to answering questions about our Natural or Physical World, they too live in the realm of Science.
Is testable
Relies on Evidence

Experimentation is at the heart of Science

Things that are not testable can't be explained by science.

This is where the age old scientific idea of asking questions and making observations comes to play.
question: Can you think of something that
Question 9: Which of the following
A. The occult
B. Artistic beauty
C. Which is a better movie
D. Individual allergies
E. Stronger testimonies
What is the difference between observations and interpretations?
In a similar fashion, ideas that are based on science rely on Observations.
Scientific Community
On Going Research

Science is not done in a dark room, in a forgotten ware house.

It is a search for truth and understanding. Even when the results are not understood or against what we think they should be, we still must share them.
The scientific community is able to learn and grow from of each other.
This helps the entire knowledge base of a specific discipline grow.
And it leads to more research.
Scientific behavior

What has already been done.
Open for review and criticism.
Accept and give evidence.
A few points
Let's put your knowledge to the test


In science we use words that describe ideas and truth, but our use in everyday life isn't the same.
Help us define and compare:
Which of these do we place more trust in as 'truth' ?
Review question 3.

A. There are two types, religious and scientific
B. There is only one type, all scientific
C. There is only one type, all religious
D. There is only one type, truth.
E. Truth can never ultimately be found
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