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Jamie Rice

on 16 January 2018

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Transcript of Security

Definition of Security...

An Example of a threat in Swindon is Burglary, Wiltshire police have to deal with many burglaries in Swindon, and due to that they have their own burglary team.
Keep these threats in mind...
Swindon college is being attacked with all the threats you have stated. It's your job to put relevant security measures in place to help combat the threats from occurring.
Aim: To identify security threats and risks to people, property and premises.

1. To Discuss the definition of security.
2. To identify security threats and measures.

1. To Discuss the definition of security.
2. To identify security threats and measures.
List all threats that you can think of and put them into categories of;

People Property Premesis
The state of being free from danger or threat.
Create your own objective for this lesson

What do you want to learn or achieve by the end of this lesson?

Write your objective on a
post it.

Threats are real and our present in and around the UK
From the 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014 there were 95 reported robberies and 30 were detected.

From the 1st April 2014 to present day there has been 55 reported robberies and 16 were detected.

Threat levels:

- an attack is unlikely

- an attack is possible, but not likely

- an attack is a strong possibility
- an attack is highly likely

- an attack is expected imminently
Create a leaflet...

Now with all you new knowledge relating to security create a leaflet informing the public of threats and security measures they can put in place.
Be sure to include these security threats:
Crimes against property, e.g. burglary, theft, loss of information;
Crimes against people, e.g. assaults, threatening behaviour, theft from the person
Crimes against premises e.g. arson, damage
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