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Raining Teadrops

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of asdfghjkl

Basic Informtion Stories Of a Student. Family Tree My Autobiography By: Zerlina Lac My name is Zerlina Lac and I am 13. My name
means 'Beautiful Dawn." I'm Canadian, but my
ancestors are from China, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia. I originally speak Cantonese. I was born in Toronto, Ontario.
My birthday is on January the seventh 2000 in the evening. My first day of school wasn't the best thing to remember. My mom came with me, telling my teacher, Ms. Selmomen, That I started kindergarten early, so I won't be the brightest student. But she accepted anyway. I don't remember much of what happened, but the teacher was giving orders and I was too busy playing with the plastic kitchen, that I didn't care. While the teacher was explaining the rules I was crying, because I ran out of big 3 part blocks. The teacher had to pick me up and put me back into my seat. Since I got annoyed, I threw one of my blocks at the student beside me. That day, my mom got contacted and I was not allowed to play with my toys. Favorites Favorite color: Baby blue, peach and purple.
Favorite animal: All black and white animals, and the wolf.
Favorite place: Mandarin Buffet.
Favorite Food: A honestly like all of them, accept for mint.
Favorite sport: Volleyball, floor hockey and Frisbee.
Favorite Flavor: Vanilla and cookie dough.
Favorite Clothes Brands: Forever 21, Urban Behavior, TNA ect.
Favorite shoes Brands: Converse, Vans, Nike, Toms and UGGS. Baby Memories When I was 1-6, I went to DerryDown P.S. So in the morning before my dad goes to work, about 6:30. I would be driven to my grand parents house right in front of my school. My grand pa would pick me up after school and carry me on his back. We would pretend he was a grocery store owner and I was the pig for sale. Before I was even able to go to school, I would sleep in a crib in the living room of their house. My grand parents would watch asian dramas until a last hour. I would sit in my crib and watch with them, although I didn't understand a word. when my grandparents laugh, I would stare at them and laugh with them so I seemed professional. In the age of 2, I would run down the staircase and hug my grandpas legs when he comes home from work. I usually would take his giant sweaters and wear them. I would act like a soldier wearing his uniform and call myself "little gramps". I have a lot of embarrassing memories, but I'm not conformable sharing them. My 9 teachers! 1.My JK kindergarten teacher was Ms. Semomin. She was a tall asian, with curly black hair and a small glasses (The ones that hang on the tip of your nose).
2. My SK kindergarten teacher was Ms.Daisy ( I think). She was a tall blonde, with a skinny face and straight hair that came down to her neck.
3. My grade one teacher was also, as again, Ms. Semomin. She is a really nice teacher though. She always had activities planned for us, little trips outside and really nice. But if you dont do your work, she can be really striked.
To Lamberton~
4. My grade 2 teacher was Ms. Gilaty. She was an Idian teacher, she was shorter than all my other teachers, but she was loads of fun. She made a melon hair style that was pure black, a pointy nose and a creative mind. She was friendly and forgiving.
5. My grade 3 teacher was Ms.Yin. she is one of my favourite teachers I ever had. She was Mandarin and had black long hair that went down her back. She was really nice and entertaining. Art is one of her favourite subjects, so we did a lot of crafts in class.
6. My grade 4 teacher is really special, her name is Ms.Dator. What makes her special is that she has a different teaching skill than all my other teachers. She was tough, but that is what makes our class challenging, smart and couraged. she has wavy black hair, pale white skin and she looks like she is in her 30's.
7. My grade 5 teacher was Ms.Malone. She is one of my most active and creative teachers. She was very tall with long blonde hair. She seems to always be smiling. She's very nice, funny and makes learning exciting.
8. My grade 6 teacher was Mr.Lomonaco. He is the first male teacher I ever had. He is Italian, and he has short brown hair. He was really active when working with electronics. He has a way with understanding how to build different machinery. He also loves teaching math.
(. My grade 7 teacher is Ms.Sahar. She is really intelligent when it comes to science. She has curly brown hair and a wide smile. Table Of Contents.
. Chapter 1 -Basic Imformation
-Baby Memories .Chapter 2 -Stories of a Student
-My 9 Teachers .Chapter 3 -Family Tree
-F.r.i.e.n.d.s .Chapter 4 -My role model .Chapter 5 - All about Me
- Fears? - Fun .vs. Boredom .Chapter 6 F>R>I>E>N>D>S Since childhood, I had family friends since 4, that still are with me
today. Their names are Tony, Cindy, Anthony and Ramon. They all have something special about them that make them mean so much to me. Tony Khan, is my best friend since I was 4. We would have funny memories and conversations only we can understand. Although he doesn't go to Elia, I see him quite often. He has spiky dark brown hair and is about 5.4 inches tall (I think.) Cindy Lam, is the daughter of my moms friend. We meet at Saturday school tutor in the age of 6. She always went camping, traveling and trips with my family and Tony's family. Anthony Dang, is also a family friend of ours. He was a n older sister and carves to do silly things. He is older than me by a year and lives in Toronto as well. Vicky Dang, is Anthony's older sister. She is 17 now and has long blonde hair that's wavy. She is really pretty and loves arts and crafts. someone I can relate too. F<R<I<E<N<D<S Some of my friends at Elia Middle School are: Katie, Angela, Trina, Ainne, Emily, Wendy, Onneka, Christine, Shaylene, Frank, Jeffrey, Julia, Tyrese, Vivian, etc.
I find most of the friends I have have a lot of imagination, humor and creative abilities. All my friends can describe me pretty well and accepts me even though I'm pretty messed up.

I have a few friends that had also moved, but I still keep in touch with them.
Others. My Role Model Ellie Goulding, a 26 year old singer, is my role model.
She has a beautiful, strong voice and she was an amazing personality. She is really pretty in my opinion and brave.
Her birthday is December, 30, 1986 in England. Ellie had
won many awards, like the Critics' Choice Award, because
of her talent. In October 2012, Ellie's debut was rated Top 10 debut in the United States. Her songs have great meannings and people can relate too. I wish I had such a wonderful voice. Ellie Goulding's album "Lights". ALL About Me A little information about me is that my 3 best friends are Tony (not in our school), Katie, and Angela. I'm secretly a farmer and Angela is my cow. I like to watch Care Bears. I wish I was a productive person, but I get distracted easily. My family enjoys travelling to countries around the world. Sometimes to visit family members in another country . Some of my hobbies are; sketching, playing sports, playing online games, origami and painting. In fact, I enjoy pop music, also soft pop, and singing. (but I can't really sing T^T) The instruments that I know how to play,is the keyboard, piano and alittle the ukulele. The subjects I enjoy are science, art, music, gym and health. My parents are Tai Tho Lac and Hue Le Ngo.
I also have an older sister, in grade 10, named
Larissa Lac. My dad is born in February, 23, 1973,
my moms birthday is December, 18, 1972, and my
sisters birthday is on July, 17,1997. I love my family
because they make me, me. They love me even when I mess up on many things and get in trouble hundred of times. They are always there for me when I need them most and provide the 3 things I need to be able to live,
water, food and shelter. I know I can tell them
anything and they will be able to help without
judging me. They make the best out of
me, so I love them with all my
heart. Fears? I actually have a lot of fears that come to mind. I am afraid of heights. Since I was a kid, I was never really a fan of being above the ground from a distance. Some things had happened in my childhood that had lead me to this fear. I am also afraid of water. Not the water we shower with or drink, it's mainly the water in the ocean deep. I like going to the beach, but not diving as much. My other fear is stage fright. I'm not sure if this is actually a fear, but I don't like attention or performing. Another fear is my fear for blood.
I know it's in your body, but When I see gushing blood( a lot, like bucket full) I freak out. I have seen it before and it wasn't exciting. My last fear is Ophidiophobia, the fear of snakes, well, really big ones. Fun .vs. Bordem .Chapter 7 -If I could, I would .Chapter 8 - You have to hear this ;) .Chapter 9 -The Happiest day
- Great Memories .Chapyer 10 -Future Planning Sports I Enjoy: Campping, Skiing, Volleyball, Frisbee and Floor Hockey.
Activities I enjoy: Painting, Any other source of art,
listening to music, baking, blowing bubbles, online gaming, (eg, L.O.L, boxhead.) and going to my friends house.

During the summer, my family goes campping or travelling, that's why I find it enjoyable. The sports I enjoy come from experence. Art is my best subject, so I spend a lot of time using my imagination.

Sports I dislike: Diving... I think that's it.
Activities I Dislike: Cleaning the house and playing piano. If I could, I would. If I could do anything I want, I would arrange my room into a working space. So I can use it when I'm in high school. I would like to go to Northview s.S. and Make it to university and skip collage. I would become an eye doctor or whatever job I want and rise enough money to buy a beautiful house for my parents. I would buy a dog and name him/her Bloo. Every month, I might throw in a bit of money to charity. If I could, I would Stop violence or find cures fo diseases. ( but that lke one in a million chance.) You got To Hear This. There was this time when me and my friend was sweaping the house in Vietnam,( Vietnam is really dirty and full of bugs) and we found half a cockaroach. Not one full, but half. (EWW) It was lying around under the tv for ages. There was full of grease and fluff on it like it was covered in dust bunnies. We had to clean the entire living room. After a while, he sat down on a pillow he found on the sofa to rest. when he got up and put the pillow back in place, a cockaroach crawled out from down the pillow. He was sitting on it for 5 mins. He freaked out and sqealed like a girl. My dad took the broom and smashed that filthy bug, then sweaped it outside. Future Planning I want To grow up to be an eye doctor, a patisserie owner or a news reporter for traveling tours or some sort. I want a job that's fun, good pay and legal. I want To live in a big beautiful house, and own a dog, a Pomeranian. I want to go to Northview S.S and straight to university. When I grow up, I might want to move to California or somwehere in the U.K.
I would like a succesful job and relaxing, wonderful life. The Happiest Day I spent the happiest day of my life in Thailand. My family and I were on a tour bus for a week traveling around Thailand. We got to see the tallest building in Thailand, visit there most famous zoo, went to a golden temple, the kings palace and a beach in the islands. The beach was far from the dock, so we took a speed boat there. The water was pure and clear and the sand was white. There was gift shops that sold merchandise and food at the back. The place was really beautiful with a forest at the end of the land. We also learned how to make a Thai dish. At the end of the day, We slept in a high class room at a famous hotel. We didn't even have to pay for it, since the tour guides did. I special day I won't forget.
Took place last summer.
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