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Family Tree

No description

Madison Robertson

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Family Tree

Madi Robertson's family tree The Robertsons and the Wrights Great grandmother.... Nanna Dooley. Shes 84 years old and has 9 kids. Before she was married to Poppy Dooley she worked as a seamstress to sew the uniforms for WWII soldiers. Me...Madison Grace Robertson. I'm the only child of Nadine and John Robertson. To cut a long story short...my hobbies include, shopping..especially if mum and dad are paying!!
Little known fact about me: When I was little, my dad managed a band, and I used to go to gigs with him and mum. I'd be back stage wearing earplugs and a T-shirt that said "I'm with the band!"...Everyone knew who I was, and kept me occupied. I just thought all kids went to clubs with their parents... it wasn't until I was older, I realised how cool it was. John Robertson:
Dad's name is John Robertson... he is a pretty cool dad, and everyone thinks he must be my brother because he doesn't exactly look like your typical dad. He rides a motorbike, has lots of tattoos and piercings..and used to manage a heavy metal band!!! Nadine Robertson: Awesome mum... She is SUPER organised..to the point she drives us all crazy!! She is very busy and works full time as an Authorized Officer for DEECD (oversees the children's services law) and also studies at Uni...she's a really good cook..LOVES shoes...and to people who know her..she's really funny. Leonie Wright... also known as Nana Fishy...or Sexy Nana!! Nana Fishy is an awesome cook, and spoils me rotten!!! Since I was small she's always taken me cool places, like Luna Park, and the Zoo. When I was six years old, we went to Disney on Ice. Because it was a special occasion, Nan booked a horse a carriage ride through the city out to Rod Laver. On the way we got caught in a some kind of parade...and spent the ride waving to people who cheered as we rode in the carriage. Nan told me and my friend, to pretend we were princesses...so we did. It was awesome!! Poppy Fishy...or otherwise known as "Curl"...is a really cool pop!! He's a man's man, loves his fishing and having a beer. Pop used to be a train driver, but now he drives earth moving trucks. He has a huge boat and loves game fishing. Pop is so passionate about fishing that he once caught a 100kg blue marlin that he battled with for many hours to catch. He's been fishing all over the place, and plans to go fishing off the Gulf of Mexico when Nan and Pop go to America in October this year. Lorraine Robertson:
My dad's mum's name is Lorraine, and I call her Nana Robertson. She's the youngest of 12 children. She's had it pretty tough, as her parents died at a young age, and she had to live with her brothers and sisters until she married my pop, and became a mother to my dad and his sister Kerry. Nan makes the best roast pork..EVER!! John Robertson:
Poppy John....my dad's dad. To keep things simple, my dad and his dad have the same name...some people think it's easier...but mostly, it's just confusing!!
In his younger days, Pop worked as a bouncer at pubs and hotels around Melbourne, but this was pretty dangerous. There were a couple of times that Pop had people follow him home after they'd been unhappy that he'd kicked them out the pub. So.. after they had kids, Nan and Pop moved moved to Maffra where the lifestyle was quieter and better to raise children. Pop then became a carpenter and helped to build the plaza in Sale. Pop also did a stint in a bakery as a baker...and makes really good pasties.
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