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Israelease.com - Vacation rentals in israel

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Lior Navon

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Israelease.com - Vacation rentals in israel

About israelease
israelease.com - vacation rental platform
Israelease.com is an online booking platform for vacation rentals in israel.

Israelease founded in the mid of 2011 and lunched the first version of the site in the end of 2011.

Our on-line directory offers 350 villas, apartments and houses fully furnished and completely equipped of the highest of standards, located in Israel's most popular towns and cities.

Israelease new platform designed with very high standards and it will provide social features, new management system and selection of new features that will make a perfect user experience for our clients.

Our target is to establish long term relationship with owners.
israelease team provide full costumer service in 5 different languages to renters and owners 24/7

We have very good connections with the local property owners and great marketing and costumer service skills.

Our office located at 32 Ben Yehuda st, Tel aviv.
Business strategy
This was our first year in the market, during 2012 we developed our platform, marketing strategy, client base and professional team.

We have more then 350 property's for vacation rentals in our platform, all of them renting their property's for short term only.

In 2012 we had more then 200 bookings trough our platform.
most of the booking made by clients from U.S.A, France and Russia.

Traffic - 68K Visits and 43k Unique Visitors ( our analytic account presents in the next slide).

SEO - top positions on google organic search (For example - keywords as short term rentals Israel and vacation rentals Israel).

Medical tourism - we created a network of agents from Israel and Russia that working with our platform and booking apartments for their clients.
By providing full costumer services to our clients and full marketing services to our owners we are bringing new way of advertising property's in the local vacation rentals market.

Our business model - We charge 15% of the total booking price (in average). The renters paying a Pre-Payment of 15% for every booking made trough our platform. this payment is our commission on the booking .The rest of the payment and the deposit is due in cash upon arrival and will be payable to the property manager.

Our target markets:
Russia - 15% of Israel tourism. We have advertising agreement with Russian company that establish a Yandex advertising campaign for our site.
Frace - 10% of Israel tourism. We have adwords campaig, mailing lists and local agents that attracting visitors from france to our platform.
U.S.A - 22% of Israel tourism. We have adwords campaign and good position on google.com organic search for leading keywords.
Medical tourism -30K tourist coming every year to Israel for medical treatments. we have network of agents from Israel and Russia that working with our platform and booking apartments for their clients.

Full costumer support in Hebrew, English, Russian, France and Spanish.

Zimmer's - This is very potential market that has 15K rooms and 12% of the domestic tourism. as for today there are several dozen of sites but all of them pointing to the locals. our goal is to publish zimmer's on our platform and attract tourist from all over the world to stay in zimmer's.

We aim to reach market share in israel of 13% and 900 apartments by the end of 2013 . by the end of 2014 we aim to reach a market share of 25% and 1300 apartments.

India vacation rental - In the last few months we working on a new business strategy for India. we have business relationship with local company and we intend to lunch our platform in India.
Israelease.com - new platform
The Market
Israel has 3.5 million tourist arrivals in 2012 and Tourism Ministry target of attracting 5 million tourists a year by 2015.

According to Tourism Ministry figures, in the first half of 2011, 2 percent of Israel's approximately 3.4 million tourists stayed in rented apartments.

Medical tourism - this market growing fast and has 30k tourist a year.

Today there are approximately 2000-2500 vacation rentals in Israel and the expected to grow to 5000-5500 in 2015.

Zimmer's - There are 15K rooms under this category renting mostly for domestic tourism.

Vacation rentals market is the hottest trend today and growing very fast in the world during the last 3 years.
Lior Navon,29 years old Co-Founder

Lior is a co-founder at Crowder and has 5 years of experience in the financial sector as a head of global trading in Harel financial products.
Lior is a proficient product manager specializing in businesses process in technical companies. Lior is passionate about creating new things and entering new areas as he is an entrepreneur at his soul.
Education: B.A in Economics and Management​ & MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Lior Roth,29 years old Co-Founder

Lior is an entrepreneur, Founder and Owner of 2007 Agence Babylon - Real estate investment Agency in Paris with over 10 persons that provides its clients with a complete list of services, including sales and management of both residential and commercial real estate . Lior has 6 years of experience in Asset management.
owner of Globus Translations that a leading company offering professional translation services to business clients, commercial companies, service providers, governmental offices and private clients thanks to our data base of hundreds of translators from Israel and across the world
owner of few investment company in real estate inclu apartments that are rented in short term rental
Education: B.A in Business management and International business From ESG Paris.

Robert Krief, Investor - owner of Accuratime Corp, Los Angeles California.
2012 results
Main locations:
Israel - 26,625
France - 13,073
United States - 7,801
Russia - 5,0227
Explore Israelease.com new platform
Advanced search engine
search list
dinamic search
Map view
Photos view
Listing page .
share to your frinds
saving automatically
your last views
Street view
Management system for owners
Manage your property easily – anywhere, any time.

Get immediate, real time notification to your email and your cell phone(SMS) when a new booking is made.
See a year calendar showing expected bookings.
Synchronize your on-line calendar with your Outlook and Google calendar.
Manage multiple properties.
seasonal pricing feature.
Cash flow management.
Statistical analysis using a range of variables (number of rental days per month, monthly turnover, percentage occupation and more).
Enjoy your stay!
Israelease team

Manage your property
List your property
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