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What gossips effect has on people

Amaia Ford

on 3 April 2011

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Transcript of Gossip

Gossip Gossiping takes a big part in bullying. When people gossip it starts rumors about things that people dont want to be shared with others. Sometimes when people gossip about what other people do it makes that person that is being gossiped about feel like they should stop doing what they do. When people stop doing what they do then they stop being themselves. Some people take pride in what they do and almost nothing can stop them. Gossip does have some really bad effects on people. Sometimes the things that go on at school effect what goes on the way we feel everyday. It also effects what we do. Most times being bullied effects your grades. Sometimes it can effect your personal life and can make you feel like you cant trust anybody. Now that you feel like you cant trust anybody , you feel very lonely and down all the time you always feel alone. This is called depression , although there isnt alot of children that go through depression as much as adults it is quite similar. Now that you cant you trust anybody you loose your friends. When you feel that you cant trust anybody you loose your friends. Soon the bullying will get very often and someones going to figure out about it. Then if the person that figured out is a nice person theyll defend you or tell an adult. Then youll go back to being yourself. And if the issue come over again you know what to do. Then you can help other people out and tell them that gossiping is wrong so you shouldnt do it. Then youve helped other people from an experience that you have gone through. Thats how we make the world a better place. And thats how we make the people on it happy. Thats how make the future its best. Bet you didnt know that it was that important. Think about it So... dont gossip. Make a difference. Make someone happy.
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