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Propaganda in Brave New World

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Jason Zhao

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Propaganda in Brave New World

Propaganda in Brave New World
The Basics
Why is it used in Brave New World??
The World State, the government that manages all aspects of life in Brave New World, uses propaganda to keep the society in a state of perpetual distraction, encouraging people to have as much fun as possible. In addition to keeping citizens hopelessly ignorant, the government also utilizes propaganda to boost consumption, which supports the economy and finances the government's programs.
What is Propaganda??
The World State creates messages designed to "program" each specific caste of citizens for the government's needs, and these messages are replayed hundreds of thousands of times during childhood naps. The result? Each caste is ingrained with propaganda that instinctively reminds them that their caste is the best, that everyone belongs to everyone else, and that if they ever feel bad, they should just take a few grams of soma, a "feel good" drug. This successfully creates stability for the World State as its basic ideals don't need to be taught - instead, they are "hammered" into the unconscious minds of all citizens, even the leaders themselves.
Propaganda is the spreading of ideas, information, or rumors either to help your cause or to injure the opposing cause.
Soma is a drug used by the World State as part of its "distraction" propaganda strategy. By encouraging citizens to take soma (a drug that makes people forget their worries, feel happy, and even hallucinate with higher doses) at any time they feel depressed or worried, the government is able to prevent people from harboring feelings of unrest, dissatisfaction, or anger at the government's actions. It literally numbs them from any bad emotions and gives them a false sense of contentment. By supplying this propaganda - this idea that soma can solve all of one's problems - the World State succeeds in containing any and all possible sources of rebellion.
Another propaganda tactic of the World State is the massive array of entertainment options that citizens are encouraged to participate in. The government spreads the idea that a good citizen should be spending their free hours interacting with their community by playing Obstacle Golf or going to the Feelies (a type of movie involving all the senses), which further distracts citizens from their cruel reality. The easy access to fun distractions is highly successful in keeping the population content and obedient to the World State.
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