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until vs by

No description

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of until vs by

until vs by
"Until" is used to refer to a period of time that starts now and ends at a certain known point. Use it to indicate that during this time you will be doing something.
"I will be drinking until midnight."
"By" also indicates the end of a known period of time. The difference is that it indicates the point at which something will have happened. When exactly? We're not sure. .
I will be drunk by midnight.
You'll be drinking for the whole of this time
drunkenness will occur sometime between now and midnight, but we don't know when exactly.
(More like 22:10)
(More like 22:10)
The common mistake comes when someone is talking about when they will finish a task
"I will finish Prezi Next until January"
as finishing is something that happens at a moment (it's either finished, or it's not), you cannot finish something for 13 months.
"I will finish Prezi Next by January"
"I will work on Prezi Next until January"
but at
you stop
maybe you turn into a pumpkin
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