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No description

Adrian C. Halnan

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of BYOD

ICT & Digital Literacies

Adrian C Halnan, Director of Programmes
Southampton Education School
Curriculum Design
Student views
Ug Option Module:

Year 2
ICT & Digital Literacies
Small class size <15
12 x 2hours face to face*
Assessed by:
Creating a 'Digital Artefact'
Supported by Blackboard
BYOD with some laptops in 1st week
Each Student has own 'Wiki' in Blackboard
Discursive / Interactive / Contributory
Wiki contributions = Student workbook
Comments - peer/staff feedback

Curriculum Design
BYOD in Session
Open Book/Web
Ability to search
identify generate listen

First time iSurvey
Second time QMP
Different browsers
Different browser settings

First time - iSurvey
All links within CAA set to 'open new window' but with some browser settings this did not happen. Three participants 'lost' position and had to restart - response data had to be merged 'manually' and two specific questions were 'removed' from mark scheme

Second time - QuestionMarkPerception (QMP)
More upfront CAA design and manipulation
However - QMP had not been tested with the most recent version of Safari browser on Mac laptops. As it 'didn't recognise' the browser responses were not saved one at a time & one student had a 'problem' at the end of the CAA - no data saved.
Issues with CAA
Nice to use different ways of learning, eg. using a tablet instead of writing. Doing this was good because it meant I could look up things quickly in the seminars...
...I think it would be better for the lectures to be held in a computer room rather than normal lecture room so that the pressure of having to travel in with your personal laptop is removed.
Using our own laptops in each session was good.
Interactive and applicable knowledge. Able to test out and research in lessons on laptops
Perhaps use more uni computer labs than rely on our own.
I enjoyed the practical such as creating my own wiki...
Familiar/Know how it works
Access own documents
Access on campus (workstations)
Access to own software
Access to workplace email/resources
Flexibility - study patterns/note taking
Portability - Heavy
Power outlets/Charging stations
Security / Theft
Older / slower than Uni systems
Printing problems
Some programs unavailable
Many lectures don't require use
Prefer hand written notes
Network reliability
Wider survey of Undergraduates and Postgraduate (Taught)
Advantages of BYOD
Disadvantages of BYOD
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