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Promoting Healthy Eating

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ayyan mir

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Promoting Healthy Eating

Winning Treats In Class
When you do something good in class, you usually get a treat(candy) but you can give vegetables or fruits instead. Doing this will help encourage young students like us to eat healthier to get fit.
Huttonville Breakfast Club
In Huttonville's breakfast club, we can serve granola bars for complex carbs and maybe some chicken wraps to include some protein because they are very good for your muscles.
A Healthy Lunch Competition
Our school can make a competition where students can bring healthy lunches to school and the person with the most healthy snacks could win points towards spirit points.
Healthy eating is a very difficult task to remain to do but it allows to be more fit and gives you strength. Eating poorly can lead many diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and can result to depression. The benefits of being fit and eating well are a healthy heart, strenghtening your bones and helps you succeed in good social life because some obese people are insecure about how they look in other people eyes and opinions.
Vegetables, Fruits, Minerals and Vitamins
Important vegatables:

Eating Breakfast
Breakfast, eating breakfast is really important because its the most important meal of the day and its the meal thats helps you get your energy for the day, and if you have fruits and vegetables for breakfast, you`ll get your minerals and vitamins which will help your body function better. And if you cant have breakfast you can come to huttonvilles breakfast program.
Food Choices
Ways To Promote.
Promoting Healthy Eating
These fruits and vegetables are really good to eat because they give us minerals and vitamins which are really important to us because they help are body function.
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