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Goyer, J-Museum of Natural History-Pd. 7

No description

Neil Sullivan

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Goyer, J-Museum of Natural History-Pd. 7

By Julia Goyer
Mr. Sullivan
Period 7

"Then a funny thing happened. When I got to the museum, all of a sudden I wouldn't have gone inside for a million bucks. It just didn't appeal to me-and here I'd walked through the whole goddamn park and looked forward to it and all. If Pheobe'd been there, I probably would have, but she wasn't." (page 122)
"sometimes we looked at the animals and sometimes we looked at the stuff Indians had made in ancient times. Pottery and straw baskets and all stuff like that. I get very happy when I think about it." (pages 119-120)
-Holden's appreciation for consistency
-Cares more about his sister's wants than his own- part of his purpose is to make those he cares about happy
-Holden appreciates
the work of the Indians
because it symbolizes
their genuine purpose in life.

-he likes that the displays
freeze a moment in time
The Theme of "The
search for purpose/significance
in life" with the symbol of The Museum of Natural History

-Likes to see Pheobe growing up because
he feels likes part of his purpose in life is to care for her
"the best thing, though,
in that museum was that
everything stayed
right where it was...the only
thing that would be different would
be you." (page 121)
-Symbol of his childhood, which
he realizes he has moved on from
-Doesn't want the happy memories
he has altered in any way
-the museum of natural history is a symbol
of Holden's childhood and his inability to
accept change.
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