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Technology Operations: Helping You Unlock Technology's Success

Overview of the services provided by Technology Operations

Bill Wentink

on 30 June 2015

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Transcript of Technology Operations: Helping You Unlock Technology's Success

Helping You Unlock Technology's Success
Technology Operations
MoBo had an idea:
Create a group dedicated
to caring for Technology!
Areas of Focus
Employee Growth

Employee Satisfaction


Operational Efficiency

Analysis and Reporting


Public Relations
Employee Growth
Career road maps
Development plans
Brown bag sessions
Online training program
If you have suggestions, let us know

Protect, advise, engage, motivate, and help Technology at all levels

Guide Technology toward better efficiency

Centralize Technology initiatives, processes, and documentation
Coffee: Lifeblood of Technology
Employee Satisfaction
Advisers or counselors
Someone to listen and hear you
Organize events
Annual Technology event
Racing to 3/16 Milestone
Pi Day
Star Wars Day
Provide volunteer opportunities
Supply food and drink
If you have suggestions, let us know
Budget adviser
Manage monthly CapEx reports
Coordinate R&D tax credits process with auditors
If you have suggestions, let us know
MoBo's only

We must wear
86% of the time
Operational Efficiency
Technical writing sprints
One stop shop for questions or advice
Voice of Technology in partnership with Talent and Facilities
Manage Technology on-boarding, training, and off-boarding processes
Check-in with new employees (30, 60, and 90 days)
Establish consistent job descriptions, job postings, and career road maps
If you have suggestions, let us know
Analysis and Reporting
Gather and analyze data for different Technology needs
Take Technology pulse through surveys or conversations
If you have suggestions, let us know
Monthly Technology team meetings
Happy Meals with MoBo
Centralized emails on important topics for Technology
If you have suggestions, let us know
Public Relations
Promote company as a premier place to work for recruiting efforts
Donations: Time and dollars, especially STEM organizations
Represented company at MHTA
Behind the scenes for Enterprise Development recruiting video and U of MN job fairs
Aid in furthering partnerships
Organized TMW / Tailored Solutions / Technology hackathon
Managed logistics for onsite PAC meetings and Northeast User Community Group meetings
If you have suggestions, let us know
V1 Backlog + Product Owner + Daily Standups + Demos
Partner with Talent
Meet or talk weekly with Talent reps
Annual goals
Mid-year and year-end reviews
Management training
Annual survey and results
Power Hour attendance
Development plans
360 reviews
If you have suggestions, let us know
We are your partners, backup plan, Hail Mary pass, and comrades...let us know how we can help you succeed
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