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Maximizing the ACT WorkKeys System

No description

Craig Hoxie

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Maximizing the ACT WorkKeys System

Graduating Students Using Alternate Tests
Giving Students Nationally Recognized Credentials Maximizing the ACT ®
WorkKeys® System What are the WorkKeys Tests? How Do We Prepare Students? Successes and Problems A series of four tests:
Locating Information - NCRC
Applied Math - NCRC and EOI Alternate
Score of 5 or better replaces Geometry and Algebra 1 and 2
Reading - NCRC and EOI Alternate
Combines with Writing
Business Writing - EOI Alternate
Combines with Reading
Score of 4 or better on both tests replaces English 2 and 3 How Do We Give the Tests? Two Separate Testing Realms
Realm #1 - Funded through OK CareerTech
Locating, Math, and Reading Only
Students may test twice on each - lifetime
No cost to school except $105 setup fee

Realm #2 - Paid through School
ALL tests available
Students may test twice per month
$105 setup fee, + fees per test KeyTrains and CareerReady 101
KeyTrains - $5500 1st year, $2500 renewal
CareerReady - $6500 1st year, $3500 renewal
OR contact Stan Brodka - stan@keytrain.com
Renewal of state CR101 - $2025 per year

Students enrolled in CR101
Pretests, self-paced
Individual Tutoring
Practice Tests
3 Free on OKCIS, $5 on Realm #2 How Do We Use It? Ideal Setting:
Dedicated Classroom and Teacher
Students Assigned to Class
Prep and Test

Realistic Setting:
Students Work on Their Own
Monitor Progress
Provide Encouragement and Coaching
Test When Appropriate
Before or After School Tutoring
40+ NCRCs
20+ Alternate Tests
20+ Passed EOIs after CR101

Business Writing
Student Resilience
Funding Questions? Craig Hoxie
Learning Director
East Central High School
Tulsa Public Schools


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