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Issues facing adolescents

No description

Tom Clark

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Issues facing adolescents

Issues facing adolescents. How well do we know our young people? ‘To know kids, we must lift the lid on the soup pot and see what’s in the mix.’ Mueller W, Youth Culture 101 (Michigan: Zondervan, 2007) http://vitaminc.surefireorange.com Are we anxious?
Do we worry? ‘spot a group of young people standing on a street corner and most adults get suspicious; pass a group of teens outside their own neighbourhood and they get worried; and if a young person happens to paint their lips black or jump a skateboard off the church steps, adults can get downright fearful.’ Yaconelli M, Contemplaive youth ministry: Practising the presence of Jesus with young people. Luke 2:48 We must be concerned but... SEX EVERYWHERE! 'Fit in'- peer pressure? Where does this need for sex come from? ‘Sex for many has become a sorry business, a mechanical release involving neither discovery nor triumph.’ Adoration of beauty 1 Peter 3v3-4 "We only have beautiful leaders!" 1 Samuel 16:7
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