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Food web in a deciduous forest.

No description

Eco Issues

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Food web in a deciduous forest.

Food web in a deciduous forest.
Simple chain
Food web
3rd level consumers
Hawks are carnivores that eat small creatures such as rabbits. They have good eye sight to catch their prey.
Food web
A food web shows the complex feeding connections in an ecological community.
In a food web, multiple things can be eaten by multiple other things. There are many food chains inside of a food web.
In a food web in a deciduous forest, there are multiple creatures eating the grass an trees. there are the 3rd level consumers eating the secondary consumers and so on and so forth. finally, at the end of one of the chains, it goes back to the decomposers and starts all over again.
The grass and trees, etc; would be eaten by herbivores/omnivores such as...
The 3rd level consumers will eat the other creatures and will get their energy that way.
Primary Producers
The last animal to be the consumer in the chain will eventually die. this leaves bacteria and other decomposers to break down the organic material.
Grass is a main source of food for secondary consumers.
Primary producers
Rabbits are secondary consumers that feed on vegetation.
Secondary Consumer
This will eventually lead to a full circle of the food web.
small bird
white tailed deer
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