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Stamp Act

No description

Samantha Bramlage

on 31 October 2011

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Transcript of Stamp Act

Tax the colonists!
Debt from French & Indian War

South Carolina

"No taxation without
The Stamp Act, 1765
King George III and Parliament
Newspapers, legal docs, playing cards, etc.
People living in England were exempt
Now it's your turn to be the colonists!
Spoke out against the tax
Sent 3 delegates to Congress to protest
Sons of Liberty formed in Charles Town
The Stamp Act
Parliament: The British law-making body.

Tax: A fee that people are required to pay (on goods and property) in order to support the government and its expenses.

Tyranny: When a ruler has absolute power over the people he governs.
Draw your own symbol or advertisement demonstrating your opposition to the Stamp Act.
Violated the rights of the Englishmen. Every person was entitled to representation in any legislature that taxed him.
English colonists not permitted to represent themselves in Parliamenet.
Colonists began to want freedom from the "oppressive" Great Britain.
Jump-started the road to the Revolution
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