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Diversity Education

No description

Patti McCahan

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of Diversity Education

Cabarrus College of Health Sciences
Your Journey to Cultural Competence
Dimensions of Diversity
1. Examine personal attitudes toward culturally different people
2. Learn about different cultures
3. Learn specific skills to work with culturally different people
Enhancing Cultural Competence in Healthcare Delivery
Important Definitions
Sexual orientation
Mental & Physical Abilities
Consider this...

(M. Hogan, p.48)
Michael Tarwater
Former leader in development of Carolinas Healthcare System for 35 years
(VP - 1981-2002; CEO - 2002-2016)

Military Experience
Religious Beliefs
Parental Status
Work Background
Geographical Location
Marital Status
Cultural Awareness

Cultural Knowledge

Cultural Skill

Cultural Competence
Strategies for Developing Cultural Competence

Attitude of Acceptance
Unbiased Approach to Others
Courtesy and Respect
Careful with Humor
Ask Permission to Touch
Gestures are not Universal
Focus on Thoughts & Feelings
Listen Carefully
Observe Attentively
Have Patience
Cabarrus College Definition of Cultural Competence
Cultural competence is a process identifying awareness of pre-judgment and/or bias of other's beliefs and customs through self-evaluation to increase sensitivity in cultural
Cultural Universals
1. History of Immigration
2. Social Group
3. Social Status
4. Values Orientation
5. Language/Communication
6. Family Life Process
7. Healing Beliefs Process
8. Religion
9. Art & Expressive Forms
10. Diet
11. Recreation
12. Clothing
Twelve aspects shared by all cultures and shaped into a person's individual culture
The Challenge of Diversity
Value of Diversity
A Different View of the World
The End

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